The Exploding Drone!

This is the Best Drone EVER. lulz
Awesome Drone –
Lego Drone –

Clearly this video was not sponsored

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Background: Fili – Closure

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  1. Dave2D

    Hey 2D fam, this was one of the more enjoyable videos I've made. Hope you guys liked it!!

  2. Sohaib Alam

    Oh those priceless reactions 😀 Had me giggling all the way :p

  3. TheHurtDoctor

    At 4:05 its very obvious you have most of the propellers on wrong. It will NEVER fly with props on the wrong way. Every other prop needs to be the same rotating direction (clock, counterclock, clock, counterclock, etc). It kind of looks like the back 4 props are all clockwise rotation props.
    However, controlling a drone with a phone app is really the worst way to fly a drone. Even if the props were on the right way you are going to most likely smash into a wall, ceiling, etc with the limited control of a phone app. You really need a physical controller. Even the cheapest $20 Eachine drones have physical controllers and they fly so much better.

  4. Dylan C

    This thing failed worse then a North Korean missle launch

  5. pinnyskenis

    U needed to slowly accelerate the throttle, not hammer it

  6. Liam Burgess

    you are supposed to put the propellers red white red white red white etc. they spin different ways

  7. Exalaxy X

    Dave Youtube: Quiet, and Simple.
    Dave Real life: Funny, not as Simple, Has a "Silly" personality, so much different form his Youtube vids.

  8. Attila Zimler

    This video also demonstrates how beginners crash the drone. This shows the symptoms of taking up too slowly I'm guessing, the airflow is what flips it over.

  9. Gwen Milvar

    okay, this is the most adorable d2d video I've ever seen

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