The Fastest Low Profile GPU With The Power You Need! RTX A2000 Hands-On

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In this video, we take a look at the most powerful Low Profile Graphics card you can buy! The RTX A2000 is perfect for small form factor builds and at the stock clocks offer RTX 3050 Performance but can be overclocked very easily! at a 70 Watt TDP “no extra power is required” this is the Low Profile GPU you need in your next build!

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00:00 Introduction
00:19 Unboxing and overview
00:56: Video Sponsor Ad Spot
02:25 RTX A2000 Vs 1650 Price
04:49 RTX A2000 Specs
05:45 Spiderman Miles Morales RTX A2000
06:19 Benchmarks RTX A2000
07:11 Injustice 2 RTX A2000
07:33 Cyberpunk 2077 RTX A2000
08:02 Dirt 5 RTX A2000
08:24 God Of War RTX A2000
08:49 Moden Warfare 2 RTX A2000
09:17 The Witcher 3 RTX A2000
09:41 Elden Ring RTX A2000

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    What CPU do you think we should pair this up with for the SFF build?

  2. Anonymous

    Can you use the A2000 card with the minisforum b550 using just the power brick without external power supply? It gets the 75W from pci but will the B550 support it with just the power brick?

  3. Sam Rogers

    Pcie slots can only deliver a max of 75W. That's why the power cannot be increased, and why you would not want to. You would risk burning out the slot.

  4. GANcrusher

    what is the smallest PC (in liters) that you can build using thing GPU and an ITX motherboard? The case and the power supply are important (like The HDPLEX 250W GaN).

  5. North Southy

    Wow, that is expensive. I remember getting low profile 1050s for under $100 and that was brand new. When are we going to get good budget cards again?

  6. Ivan Zhekov

    Nice content! Any clues/videos about how to pair something like this with something like UM690? Does a small, cheap USB4 GPU enclosure even exist?

  7. qwerty

    Ive switched to the A2000 from my 2070 Super as theyre performance is quite similar but the power consuption is almost half of my 2070s. Which is a relevant factor at the moment in Europe as energy cost has basically trippled in 2022.

  8. Think I'll pick one of these up to replace my 1650 Super. Better performance and no need for an extra power source.

  9. TheRealNinjaFTW

    Hey ETA do you this card is a decent option for eGPU support…lets say if my GF had an Intel(1195G7) OneXPlayer Mini…would this be a good option or something a tad beefier?

  10. These cards are produced by a Chinese brand.
    They sell it (or used to sell it) on Aliexpress.
    The a2000 with 12gb was around ~300 USD.
    This model here was even cheaper. This was like half of 2022.
    But now they are very overpriced.

    They are known as Quadro cards.
    But I guess right now, going for the Quadro A4000 would make more sense, considering the price fluctuation on these models.

  11. Erik Starander

    Would this be a good fit for the Minisforum 550 you reviewed a while back ?

  12. Andrew Preston

    The A2000 is what the 3050 should have been. It's nearly as powerful as the 3060 and it uses less than 75w.
    This is what we needed ages ago.
    Unfortunately the A2000 was WAY overpriced at launch.

  13. Jerry Mancini

    How does it compare to the Radeon RX 6600 8GB? They are $250 new. I know you are looking LP. but my SFF (200P) has my 4080 FE in it, lol. Looks great!

  14. DarkSould04

    YOURE SO CLOSE TO 1 million subs man! This is crazy! I remember watching your videos when you were still in the 80.000s!
    Absolutely amazing milestone, ETA, your content is some of the most interesting out there

  15. Je ,the soulover

    To think the next gen of mini pc will have cpu with 9tflops igpu ๐Ÿ˜Œ.
    I can easily see myself making my 1080p max setting ~60 fps mobile set up
    Or 1080p Lock 30fps raytracing on the go .
    Just look at how far we came from.
    I am impatient to see the results of the 780m rdna3 .

  16. Ed G

    Yes I want to see your mini PC video. Mostly so I can take your idea and make one for myself โ˜บ๏ธ

  17. Dorchalo

    RX6400 LP compared to the low price and being more recent, which one would you choose by comparing it?

  18. anish30111

    I just bought one today after watching your video for 330 euro, new. Gonna upgrade my gtx 1650 on my lenovo sff. Thanks.

  19. This could be the best option for upgrading an OEM system with a limited power supply with proprietary connectors!

    First I thought about a RX 5700 (XT) but the power consumption is way to high for many OEM midrange system with 180 watt – 310 watt PSU. There are simply not as many options below 250 bucks that are fast enough and don't consume too much power. A RX 6600 (none XT) should be a bit faster though.

  20. Re- Fix


  21. G

    wallpaper links pleasee

  22. Athos

    Arenโ€™t these optimized for CAD?

  23. Abdelhak aouissi

    Before anyone i say Congratulations for 1 million subscribers. ๐ŸŒท๐Ÿ’™๐ŸŒŸ

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