The Full Story of Ken – Before You Play Street Fighter 6

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While Ryu is very much the main character of the Street Fighter franchise, Ken Masters is not far behind him in the pecking order.


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  1. Brandon B

    Ken is going to be the first one I play in arcade mode just to see what his story is but I do like Ken also he’s a pretty solid fighter.

  2. Bashir Johnson

    I hope Sean comes to SF6 the part when SF6 comes on June 2 BUT NO nintendo switch version 😢 well at least I'll get the PS5 port 😊

  3. MMert

    I dont know man, SF5 character designs are really bad when comparing to SF6

  4. Tropixx_XLR

    I just read the comics that just came out and im very much enjoying kens storyline pre street fighter 6, its so awesome and i cant wait to see more!!

  5. Aaron

    it’s pronounced “Sagat” not “Sagat”

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