The Future Of Mini PCs Thanks To AirJet: Zotac Zbox PI430AJ

When we first saw the AirJet technology at CES 2023 we were blown away by its potential to revolutionize cooling. Now we are finally seeing the first Mini PC with solid-state active cooling – the Zotac Zbox PI430AJ. It packs an Intel i3 with 8 efficiency cores, which wasn’t possible before in the form factor. In this video Gordon checks out the new design and shows off a couple demos of this Mini PC’s cooling capabilities in action.

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  1. Ezanee Gires

    The speed at which air jet came to market is quite impressive for new technology. Kudos

  2. Sazoji

    is anyone noticing how the cables aren't connected?

  3. Zio Wee

    Holy shit, an actual product now. Can't wait to see this being implemented in more other systems!

  4. Suly

    I wonder how the steam deck and other handheld gaming devices would fair with solid state cooling

  5. Kapono5150

    Like who’s this for? Who could really get work done on this ?

  6. TSN

    How durable is it compared to a traditional fan? How many hours is it rated to run before you expect it to fail?

  7. Michael H

    Turning the airjet off does not give a comparison to what an actual passive system would do as it would have a larger heatsink or sink to a metal chassis, another sketchy demo.

  8. Virtual Monk

    It will be interesting to see if Frore can scale this up,beyond its mobile applications ❤

  9. Pixx -x

    I think it would be nicer if they kept most of the old aluminum frame and pushed the power target a little bit higher.

  10. Mangy_Dog

    Am I the only one not terribly impressed? I mean sure for low form factor this is great but for simple power to cooling performance. 2.4W and youre still getting thermal soak as clearly shown by the noise appearing later in the graph… 2.4W on a fan is A LOT. Bit disappointed by the performance tbh.

  11. Wil Thieme

    Over here we have an old CPU with old technology. Over here we have a new CPU with new technology. Isn't our cooler neat? 🙄

  12. Marvin L

    Hope this go to handhed gaming PC. Hope the tech gets more mainstream.

  13. Cass

    imagine AirJet in a gaming phone…

  14. Vasudev Menon

    Hope framework adds this for near quiet system and repairable laptop

  15. Professor H

    Imagine they had an air jet cooled cpu AND gpu (i.e. the sff rtx 4000) 😯

  16. Clim James

    I didn't see the vid on how solid-state cooling works, but when you said there was a membrane I started thinking it is using electromagnetism to warp something rapidly so it can flatulate the heat away from the unit.

    Now I will go see how it works and if I'm even close to how it works

  17. Erik Reider

    I'd want to see this on a steam deck, specifically mine 🙂

  18. WooSang Kim

    I'm curious about the actual cooling performance.

  19. logmover123

    That is some serious power in a small package, super exciting to see.

  20. Ginge -/Kev

    Adem, Do you still have nightmares about the YT channel getting deleted?

  21. Eivind

    What a age we live in this is revolutionary

  22. Damzelfly

    Will it be blocked by dust overtime like a normal fan?

  23. Anmol Agrawal

    PCWorld trying hard to milk AirJet after their first coverage was a big hit in years xD
    I am all for it; cool tech it is

  24. alkafrazin

    GIVE ME X86 GBASP with a cut down Z1 for 5~10w SOC and big replaceable battery YES TECHNOLOGY YES

  25. EyesOfByes

    I'm surprised Apple hasn't aquired AirJet for like 10 billion dollars, and making themselves exclusive with this tech

  26. hyposlasher

    Please sell this to Apple so we would have Macbook Air with cooling

  27. Jon

    10°c difference doesn’t seem a lot; however, we have to remember that happening while being completely silent, which is kinda crazy.

  28. SpikeBlighty

    Been following this tech with your previous videos. Amazing progress. Imagine this tech on a Pi. Exciting times

  29. xud6

    it's much unimpressive than i throught. Hope it's the limitation of form factor not the product

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