The LEAKED Touchscreen Mac is NOT What You Think.. 🧐

Apple’s MacBooks have NEVER had a touchscreen.. and for good reason. But in a huge twist of fate, Apple is apparently working on them.. or are they? 🧐
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This Post Has 42 Comments

  1. RiqMoran

    So bizarre that apple fans are mad at just having the OPTION for touch input. No downside to allowing touch input. Also it's insane it's taken this long for Macs to upgrade to OLED.

  2. Em D

    I hope iPads have mac os or something similar where we can download torrents

  3. Benjamin D.

    I’m going to stick with my iPad Pro for a touchscreen. I don’t usually use computers with touchscreens. But my iPad Pro and iPhone 13 are where I am okay with it. If you’re able to turn off the touchscreen then I might consider it.

  4. Δ

    What about the display as a touchpad rumour? Or a display as a keyboard like the new Lenovo Yoga 9?

  5. Joe-07

    It would honestly make sense for an iPad to have more of a Mac experience than a MacBook having a more iPad experience. I would honestly be really glad if they did do this for the iPad Pro.

  6. Regan Darcy

    This is pretty much what I thought when i heard this rumor. That it will be an ipad pro that docks into a keyboard to run a version of Mac OS. I already ditched my laptop for an iPad Pro 4 years ago. Don’t miss it at all. I do everything on my ipad pro that i did on my laptop and so much more. So i am already a convert. But this will probably help others convert to an iPad Pro system more easily even if it will be a “lite” version of Mac OS.

  7. RiqMoran

    What people need to understand is that having the option for touch input doesnt mean you have to use it exclusively. Theyre not axing the keyboard and trackpad. It just means you have OPTIONS for how to interact with things on the screen. Nobody is forcing you to only use touch input or to use it at all lmao. None of these arguments make sense. Apple fans think if they dont want something then no one else could ever.

  8. Dave Romero

    I think they’re going to made the notification panel on the right touch screen and that’s it.

  9. David Hanson

    I agree with Steve Jobs. I owned a HP laptop with touch screen. Hated it – when I used it as a laptop. However, this HP let you open the laptop and use it like a tablet. Still not great but better.

  10. Keith Mann

    I totally disagreed with everything Steve Jobs said about touch screen laptops as this was just Apple Marketing trying to justify why you need to buy both a MacBook and iPad. It infuriates me that every time I touch a display on a MacBook nothing happens. Humans used touch to interact with things long before keyboards and the mouse made an appearance in this world. And the mouse / trackballs only came into being to allow you to interact with a CRT display because no one had invented a touch display at the time! The M series iPad Pro is already a useless a product because it runs iPad OS which cripples' usability and prevents you realising the full underlying performance of the hardware. iPad OS may be fine for an iPad Mini and even iPad Air as the value proposition makes more sense, but it will never be a profession grade operating system – you can't even do the basics like format an external SSD or memory card! I would never buy another MacBook Pro because it doesn't have a touch screen, as I need a mobile device to have a touch screen and pen support plus a full desktop OS. I love in 2 in 1 / surface style laptops. For me these are the perfect form factor for a professional grade mobile device. I always prefer a glossy display over a mat one as the later dims colours and makes everything look slightly blurred, and when the display is lit, I never see the fingerprints. Every laptop I have bought over the past 5 years, Windows / Chromebook, have touch screens and pen support. The only exception was my 2019 MacBook Pro 13 and I rarely use this except for when I need to put my M1 12.9-inch iPad Pro into develop mode so I can sideload apps or compile code for it! A year ago, I wanted a new Mac Mini with M Pro processor, but now Apple may finally be getting round to releasing such a product, I am no longer sure, because I fed up with Apple's antics. I spent a lot of money on Apple products in the past, but I no longer feel they represent excellent value for money and the user interface is becoming antiquated.

  11. tazjamental

    I think we're getting a touch screen on the MacBook Pro partly because it's a trend that hasn't gone away and some people still want it for some reasons. This is similar to how Jobs was against making the iPhone screen bigger. Ultimately Jobs point is still valid, but enough people still want it regardless and the rest of the market still doing it, so Apple has to join in. It's also possible that they can make it now without the display quality drawbacks shown in this video or other compromises and have found a way to make it worthwhile addon.

  12. I’ve seen some who want touchscreen Macs argue, “don’t like touch screen on a Mac, then don’t use it.” It ignores the extra cost of the touch screen with little benefit to most users and the even more expensive cost of screen replacements. I also wonder how a touch-focused MacOS would be? I think the problem is iPadOS is great for how most people want to use a tablet but it’s lacking for the iPad Pro, perhaps Apple should design a new OS for iPad Pro and make it an entirely different 2-in-1 product line.

  13. Mark R

    I think Microsoft Surface Book (convertible laptop) is an awesome laptop, though I haven’t used one.

  14. Patrick Fung

    Can't touch this! Please don't do iPad and Mac as one device!

  15. Oleg

    Ну мерзкий у тебя голос чувак. Сделай нормальную озвучку

  16. Mark Paterson

    FYI Mendocino is pronounced "Men-doh-see-no". It's a coastal region in northern California, and for that reason is likely to be more than just a codename. Could be the name of the actual OS.

  17. Mark R

    Apple should’ve learned from Microsoft’s failed Windows RT.

  18. William Green

    I think they will just add more macs like all the other products of course . One more MacBook Air that’s touch screen and tablet mode and one that’s pro and touch screen but not tablet mode , so two more different macs to get a better hold on the laptop market . Alright if you insist , the “ tablet market “ also 😊.

  19. Hakan

    So its an Ipad Pro with an ui similar to macos but still ipad os?
    Dude thats basically what stage manager already is. What is even the difference at all?

  20. M W

    iOS, iPad, and Mac OS probably merge, since they are all running apple silicon. So developer would only need to write app once for all OS and screen size.

  21. angel2901

    I don’t believe any of this. Neither the touchscreen Macs nor this stuff.

  22. Sunshine SUEN

    If apple do iPad +keyboard =macOS, nobody is going to buy Mac anymore

  23. Jay Judd

    This is getting like a Si Fi . So many other companies are doing the combination. I bought one for less than 250 at Best Buy. I liked it but it had to much learning curve for me compared to Apple products so it went back.

  24. Ben Roethig

    If I had a dollar for every "Apple would never" that they actually did, i'd be rich.

    Think of things this way, the iPad and Macbooks are parallel paths for two different users.
    Macbook: primary mouse/ track pad
    Ipad: primary touch.
    Touch on Mac: replacement for touchbar functionality.

  25. Jonas

    I think it's wrong of you to quote Steve Jobs of something he never said…

  26. DramaLama

    EVERY Macbook is Touch on the Trackpad and very limited. Makes sense to step up Touch on Macbooks

  27. I rarely use my convertible Thinkpads toutch to keep screen clean. Samsung Dex is quite useful with USB hub with HDMI and LAN.

  28. lenn55

    I don't see Apple creating a new iOS for just 1 ipad.

  29. Fingerprints on the screen aren’t a problem. You should see my iPad Pro! It’s covered with fingerprints. Ergonomically problems – How would they be any different on a MacBook than they are on my iPad Pro with a Magic Keyboard? It always amazes me what people say are issues to justify why Apple shouldn’t do something — yes, that included Steve Jobs.

    The generations that are growing up today have been using touch screens on phones and tablets since an early age. If Apple wants them to eventually move up to using Macs Apple needs to develop touch screens for Macs. It’s that simple. All those who think this isn’t going to happen or get somehow “watered down” will eventually be wrong. Yes, Apple may make the change in steps instead of all at once but eventually touch screen Macs are a must.

  30. allen myers

    I think a lot of viewers in Mendocino (Mendoceeno) are going to be upset by your pronunciation of the name of their town.

  31. DramaLama

    The MOST INTRESTING thing will be how the achieve that you want to have a Macbook, an iPad and this third device.

  32. Michael Reif

    Every time I go to Best Buy I go over to the Macbooks and Apple Display and first touch the screen forgetting that it is not touchscreen. I just bought a Surface Pro 8 to hold me over till the day that iPad Pro goes to MacOS capability for an iPad Pro MacOS-like finder. Someday. Great that it may be coming this fall. I have no problem purchasing the extra iPad Pro keyboard to make it go. Steve Jobs really did have his flaws in thinking and this was one of them that pervades to this day. Great that it is changing.

  33. Thomas Martin

    My wife is visually impaired and there are a lot of reasons she needs a touch screen. We’ve been stuck using Windows laptops with 17” screens to give her a usable computer. I’d love her to have a MacBook touchscreen but nothing yet. An iPadPro 12.9 isn’t big enough and doesn’t work well enough to be a laptop replacement.

    Apple has completely missed the accessibility use case of a touchscreen MacBook. And accessibility on the iOS/iPadOS is sadly lacking. And app developers toss the ball to Apple and Apple tosses the ball to app developers. No one understands low vision needs. And no one wants to listen.

    What Jobs said proves he didn’t truly study using the Mac with a touchscreen, they didn’t sit down and actually sit with a low vision user to see how people use it. You aren’t up touching the screen like an iPad without a keyboard and mouse. That would be silly. He is describing using it like that.

    Give my wife a touchscreen Mac and study her use would be an eye opener for Apple.

  34. justin

    I want to carry around my iPad with iOS, and when I sit at my desk switch it to macOS and plug it in to a keyboard/monitor like a Mac mini.

  35. TJ Ferreira

    How about a double-sided screen iPad/Macbook Pro where there is a screen on each side of the lid. When closed, the top-always-showing is of an iPad style touchscreen device but when the lid is opened, the inner screen is an Mac OS device? Makes for a dual purpose device.

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