The Legend of Vox Machina: Season 2 – Official First Look Clip (2023) Laura Bailey, Sam Riegel

A first look at a scene from Season 2, which first debuted at NYCC. Stream The Legend of Vox Machina now, only on Prime Video.

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  1. olrox

    Finally someone makes dragons with four lengs!

  2. Robby Harrison

    Laura Bailey doesn’t know Sydney Paige does she if so is that like joe montana meeting Tom Brady?

  3. Ashley Blalock

    Definitely looking forward to another adventure. Even started catching up on the comics.

  4. Jza

    This came out months ago why are you posting it now

  5. ACanadian

    One of the best series Ive watched recently. Im not even a huge animation fan but VM has everything. Great visuals, great comedy and awesome action! My favourite part was Grogg getting shot with arrows. Looked like he was in trouble then…" they have no idea how bad they just messed up…"


    Well IGN I’m Not really a fan of Laura Bailey and never heard of this show.

  7. FeeltheFlumph

    Thank you for this months old clip IGN, top notch reporting…also why specify Laura Bailey and Sam Riegel but not the other main cast? Laura doesn't even have lines in this clip, but Travis Willingham and Ashley Johnson do.

  8. Nargon46

    "Roll for attack."
    rolls "21"

  9. RoXas

    Let the Chroma Conclave begin!!!!! 🫣🫡

  10. Dylan Snow

    they really said, "you know what's popular at the moment? DRAGONS"

  11. Rho Kesh

    That was first posted like a month ago… IGN is really up to speed, huh?

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