The Mac FN (Globe) Key: Everything It Can Do The FN or Globe Key on your Mac keyboard is a modifier key that can do some special things. In addition to controlling how the F1-F19 keys work, it can also be used as a single keypress to trigger some actions, and with some letter keys to give you keyboard shortcuts to some powerful functions.

Quick Reference:
Fn+n: Notifications center
Fn+c Control Center
Fn+Shift+A: Launchpad
Fn+h: Reveal Desktop
Fn+f: Full-screen window toggle
Fn+q: Quick Note
Fn+e: Emoji and Special Character Viewer
Fn+d: Dictation
Fn+up/down: Page Up/Down
Fn+left/right: Home/End
Fn+delete: Forward delete
Fn+a: Dock focus

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00:00 Intro
01:15 With the Function Keys
02:42 Change Input, Show Emoji, Start Dictation
03:28 Change Modifier Key Options
04:10 Mission Control Shortcuts
04:50 Notifications, Control Center, LaunchPad
05:52 Show Desktop, Full Screen Mode, Quick Note
06:39 Emoji Viewer, Dictation
07:07 Page Up/Down, Home, End
07:35 Forward Delete
07:56 Control the Dock With Your Keyboard

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  1. Richard Bruning

    After many many years on the Mac, I always learn something new from Gary!

  2. Joe Carle

    Very helpful. Could you do a vid for iPad and Magic Keyboard?

  3. Joebnx1

    Oh so helpful once again! Very necessary info should you find your not so magical “Magic Mouse” is in need of a charge thus rendering it useless while it lays on its side to charge. This way you really can get stuff done without it. Thanks again!

  4. Jav Jav

    Once again I learned something new here with the FN key. I have the M2 MBA and it features the FN key. All this time I pressed the key and held it down thinking the emoji's would appear. I had no idea I was pressing the key incorrectly 🤦🏽‍♂
    Gary, you mentioned you don't use the CAPS LOCK key. Is there a reason for that and how do you type capital letters without that key?

  5. Sherry

    the Genuine, real Professional channel for Mac to the level of Maximum productivity capability.

  6. Don Libes

    Great explanations! According to System Report, I have an Apple Pro Keyboard but it must be quite old because the key (next to the "home" key) is labeled "help" rather than "fn" and Sonoma doesn't respond to it. But I used your suggestion to repurpose the (otherwise useless) caps lock key. I now have globe key functionality. Thank you!

  7. Jim Arger

    Thanx coach. Once again learned something from my visit.

  8. Alex Bootthanoo

    This is honestly one of the most important tech channels on Youtube. People don't need "more apps" to increase their productivity, they just need to master their operating system. And Gary seems to be one of the only tech youtubers that teaches this.

  9. I already know great deal about 🌐 key but still I don't really use it 😂

  10. Joe Eskridge

    Elgato Stream Deck is the way to do this!!! You can label and program keys easily.

  11. İbrahim

    Knowing that fn + Delete will be useful for coding. I was actually looking for that cause doing with Command + Delete is kinda bad since I have to go to end of the line. Thanks Gary.

  12. Caroline Barlow

    Thanks very much, Gary, for this informative video. Learned a few new shortcuts that I had never heard of today.

  13. Dedos

    Thanks, your info is much appreciated!

  14. John O' Dwyer

    I have learnt so much from this channel. Everything that you put out is pure gold. Thanks for all the great info.

  15. bob cleaver

    brilliant !! incredibly useful to now have another modifier key and dock manager, thank you !!

  16. Peter Yianilos

    Great stuff here, Gary. Sorry if I missed this, but for those thinking “how will I ever remember…“ hold FN key for over a second while in any app including Finder and a full categorized menu overlays itself onto the bottom of the screen -in iPadOS at least – showing all it’s modifier key uses. A short press dismisses the menu.

  17. Philip Soon

    Greetings Gary, I’ve been a subscriber for quite a while now and Im still amazed by your contents. They are a wealth of information on the MacOS. My 75 yr old brain needs as much help in learning new tricks and saving your tips and tricks makes it possible for me to overcome my computer illiteracy. Thanks, from BC🇨🇦

  18. Tom V

    Bottom left corner should be the control key. The "fn" key is rarely used so dear god put it somewhere else.

  19. Scott Boettcher

    Another one of your videos I've bookmarked to watch again in a week; lotsa info here. Thanks Gary!

  20. Rupert Spencer

    A tip. If you are using a 3rd party keyboard without a FN key you can map another key for that. I never use Caps Lock so I mapped that to my FN key. You can do that in Settings under Keyboard>>Keyboard Shortcuts>>Modifier Keys

  21. George E

    Excellent tutorial. As usual, I learned a great deal here. Many thanks!

  22. Anurag Kashyap

    why in safari video move forward when pause and play on websites? is there anywork around apart from using chrome?

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