The Mini PC with a REAL GTX 1080!

Dave2D review of the ZOTAC MAGNUS EK71080. The best mini PC with a full-speed desktop GeForce GTX 1080 made by ZOTAC.
Available Here –

ZOTAC’s latest ZBOX E Series mini PC case was designed to upgrade your entertainment and gaming experience. The EK71080 is almost silent with a great balance of power and thermals. Native 4K display output will keep your games looking crisp.

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  1. Dave2D

    I <3 tiny PC cases. This one has crazy good performance

    Thanks for watching!

  2. melvin khosa

    The 7700HQ is a massive downgrade from the desktop 7700.

  3. Vu Dray

    hope dat iMac have dis graphiv carsd one day!

  4. blu- black

    not very impressed, its not that much smaller than the silverstone sg13 that i use, and it doesn't use off the shelf components, have full length gfx card support, and uses a power brick instead of a psu. Was def. more impressed with the liquid cooled version, now only if they could combine the two…


    this is literally cheaper as building it your own here in switzerland at the moment

  6. imOJ

    This fridge is not any mini

  7. sakib sarwat

    is it possible to power a mini pc like this with a powerful laptop cell? I mean can these kind of pc be portable

  8. zeus1117

    This is not small at all! Especially with that power brick.


    that thing is too big… at first i thought if they using standar mini itx board, the size should be ok, but if they build custom mobo with standard processor cooling, it can be smaller than that

  10. JT

    I can’t find anywhere that sells this 😩

  11. goatmonkey2112

    It's not bad. I feel like I'd rather have a nuc8 and expand it with an eGPU if necessary.

  12. EIT

    It nice, but my hades canyon ias rocking it!

  13. thanks for this great review !
    I have a question though : would you recommend it as a Plex Server ? I'd like to stream 4K HDR 10 bit videos. do you think it is powerful enough for that ?
    I'm hesitating between buying this or the Intel NUC7i5BNH. What would you recommend for that use ?
    ( I want to combine the Plex Media Server usage and some gaming with games such as Tomb Raider or GTA V. )

  14. JoeSmo

    Feels like the best years of dell

  15. Jonathan

    which one is better, this or hades canyon

  16. Kairon156

    While hardware stuff is still pricy the mining craze has finally went bust and the cost of RAM and GPU are starting to come down.
    As of 2019 Jan 29th.

  17. Macky Mode

    This compact size PC is totally meaningless unless you live in a closet, but then again why get a mini PC when you can get a notebook PC instead, also mini PC simply isn't good for gaming due to high-heat that it generates, other than pure aesthetics there's literally zero reason to get a mini PC

  18. AWDTH1111

    PC Gamers: I can't wait to build this to play LoL and Dota on low settings!

  19. NDRS G

    You know typical mini PCs with i7 are 5 times smaller than that one. I do think that there must be some hard work focused on swrinking gaming PCs, specially the graphic cards cards… The question is how smaller can graphic cards get? and will there be any new waffer techinology or arrangement be developed for the to happen? Or have we reached the smallest and most efficient cards?

  20. Rahul Bhardwaj

    How they managed pcie lanes to use full power of desktop based gpu over mobile processor?

  21. Cesar Recalde

    I don't know I think that MSI Trident 3 is more portable and powerful than Zotac Magnus

  22. parm

    Where is the gpu located

  23. Ma Ab

    #Zotac is junk, there support is awful. Worst customer service I have ever experienced. They do RMA only through resellers, and some resellers don't accept RMA.
    Don't regret later and don't wast your time and money. Buy other brand.

  24. kasper bennetsen

    how the fuck did he get 145 fps with a 1080 in bf1 on ultra when i get 130 at medium settings wit a 1080 ti? (and no im not getting bottlenecked anywhere i have a 2700x)

  25. Dave Lee

    I was wondering wich program did you used for monitoring the thermal throttling? I have a G7 7790 And sometimes it's getting freeze…

  26. ネギ&FISH

    Is it possible to transplant its GPU into a full size PC? Mine has a RTX 2070 in it and I don't want to waste it just because of a dead motherboard.

  27. Capt. Heinrich

    I got their most recent mini pc with an RTX 3060, and it's doing pretty well with MSFS2020!

  28. 2mvX

    Can this GPU be taken out and use to mine ETH?

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