The Most Challenging PS5 Games to Get Platinum Trophies

[Music] Platinum hunting isn’t for everyone with many even feeling that hunting for trophies can at times take the fun out of the game then again there’s also a sizable amount of people out there who live and breathe trophies for whom the process of hunting down every single trophy in a game actually elevates the enjoyment with some games however getting that Platinum can be freakishly hard and here we’re going to shed a light on a few such games before we get started do keep in mind that for the purposes of this list we’re only considering games that are natively available on PS5 so past PlayStation games that are only available on PS5 via backwards compatibility won’t be included here with that all out of the way let’s Dive Right In number 15 Demon Souls let’s start off with something that’s fairly difficult in its own right but isn’t what you would call a nightmare by any stretch of the imagination blueo games Demon Souls remake is a challenging game by virtue of being a faithful Recreation of what was a pretty difficult game back when it first launched in 2009 but if you’re coming into the remake with prior experience of souls like it’s unlikely to pose much of a challenge still there’s some tricky trophies in the list that might cause some issues number 14 Resident Evil Village Resident Evil games generally tend to be pretty tricky platinums given just how much you need to do to unlock every single trophy they have but Village is particularly difficult you need at least three playthroughs you need to beat the game on the notoriously difficult Village of Shadows difficulty you need to NAB a number of skill dependent mercenaries trophies all of which are no cakewalks you think you take me on this will be my War before I kill B let’s settle this to C will be another addition to L thankfully activating cheats doesn’t disable trophies so there is that number 13 Sack Boy a big adventure Sack Boy a big adventure is a surprisingly difficult Platinum this 3D Platformers cutesy aesthetic and buckets of whimsical charm may make you think that it’s an entirely Breezy and easygoing experience and while that’s surely an accurate description for the overwhelming majority of the critical path content a fair bit of the side content in this game does ratchet up the difficulty quite a bit and you need to engage with plenty of it to get the Platinum one trophy in particular string it together requires you to complete every time trial without dying which is the sort of thing that can make you want to pull your hair out number 12 The Witcher 3 wild Hunt unlike the majority of other games mentioned here The Witcher 3 re earns its place not on the back of any significant challenges that it poses but purely because of just how much of a Time investment it demands sure admittedly having to finish the game on Death March difficulty is by no means an easy task but what’s even more intimidating is having to pour in the 15 hours it’s very likely going to take if you decide to go for the Platinum Number 11 like a dragonan mhm like a dragonian unfortunately falls in the category of platinums that are notorious for how grindy they are because boy oh boy are you going to have to do a lot of grinding for this Platinum earning ridiculous amounts of money engaging with a startling variety of side quests and mini games having to craft literally every single item in the game hunting down difficulty related trophies hitting level cap the list of things that you need to do to get that Platinum Anan is frankly absurd number 10 high-fi Rush given high-fi Rush’s peepy zesty colorful attitude you wouldn’t think that it would have an especially difficult trophy list but make no mistake this is a character action game and it has the trophy list to prove it Hi-Fi Rush gets pretty demanding with its platinum trophy and among the many things it requires you to do get him back the roll of my face trickiest among them is having to get srank in every single stage on every single difficulty and yes it is as difficult as it sounds number nine back for blood back for blood was one of the most surprisingly difficult games of its year when it launched in 2021 so it’s only appropriate that it also had a particularly grueling Platinum so ult in fact that it needs upwards of 100 hours at least you need to finish the game on nightmare difficulty which is no easy task especially if you’re playing solo while there are also some pretty grindy trophies to hunt down Chief among them being one that needs you to get your total zombie kill count to over 53,000 which can take hours and hours and hours number eight returnal returnal is definitely not a complicated trophy list in that on paper all of its trophies have very L straightforward requirements what makes it such a difficult Platinum is of course the fact that it’s just a straight up nightmarishly difficult game in the best possible way returnal is no Cakewalk even if you’re just trying to get through the story but if you’re hunting down the Platinum it becomes that much more of a daunting Prospect number seven balers Gate 3 if you’re looking for a Time sync look no further than balers Gate 3 Platinum laran studios’s modern RPG Masterpiece is an absolute Behemoth in and of itself but when you add in needing to hunt down every trophy you make it just that much more of a Time investment there’s dozens of missable trophies there are multiple playthroughs required and you even need to finish the game on the hardest difficulty all of which adds up to make for a pretty darn difficult Platinum to attain [Music] number six wanted Dead wanted Dead was criticized for being more than a little rough around the edges among other things and its trophy list frankly resembles that with a handful of trophies that are downright unreasonable in their demands in addition to nabbing all of the difficulty related trophies which is no walk in the park in and of itself wanted Dead’s Platinum also demands Mastery in a number of its optional mini gamess several of which are frustrating to play and even more frust ating to try and get good at number five Tetris effect connected this is one of the best puzzle games that you’ll just ever play so playing it for an unreasonable amount of hours isn’t a total loss cause which is a good thing because the tetris effect connected platum will need you to clock in well over 100 hours from getting SS Rank in each Journey mode level to having to hit level 100 to having to rotate a total of a million tetraminos Tetris effect connected’s trophy list really puts you through the ringer number four aliens fire Team Elite aliens fire Team Elite earns a place on this list to base purely on how unfair it is its trophy list features trophies for finishing the game on each of its four difficulty levels but where any regular game would let you stack trophies aliens fire team elite doesn’t let you do that instead of finishing the game on the hardest difficulty and getting trophies for all the modes you need to finish the game separately on each difficulty its higher difficulties are also no Cakewalk especially if you’re playing solo which makes it that much more of a headache number three Elden ring all right you all knew this was going to be here from software Prides itself on challenging players with some of the most difficult content they will find in any game and it did so in Spades with Elden ring the 2022 open world action RPG has a predictably meaty and demanding trophy list and from several trophies being missable to needing to get all endings to of course having to defeat a number of grueling bosses Elden Ring’s platinum trophy requires quite a bit of time and patience number two the Elder Scrolls Online do you have literally multiple hundreds of hours to spare because that’s exactly what it takes to get the platinum in the Elder Scrolls Online this is of course an MMO RPG so that kind of time investment sort of just comes with the territory but even so this is a notoriously grindy trophy list though none of the content on offer here is notably challenging there’s just a ridiculous amount to do and you have to do all of it at least to some degree to get the Platinum it’s hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours and there’s just no getting around it number one Crash Bandicoot 4 it’s about time without a shadow of a doubt Crash Bandicoot 4 it’s about time is the most difficult platinum trophy on PS5 even though the fact that so much of it is entirely skill dependent makes its difficulty a bit subjective the platformer is Infamous for its many nightmarish gauntlets and challenges especially with some of its late game optional challenges from getting all of the insanely perfect relics to nabbing all flashback tapes you’ll need both endless patience and skill if you want to get your hands on the crash 4 Platinum hey did you know that we at gaming bolt upload new videos every day stick around drop a like subscribe 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  1. @triopatz21

    I have 4 plats on here . Dmc 5 should be on this list

  2. @triopatz21

    I have 4 plats on here . Dmc 5 should be on this list

  3. @Urwrngshtup5791

    RE Village was deceptive. Village of shadows is what the fuck ? Heisneberg was rhe worst because you had to beat him on his terms. Infinite weapons and health items didnt matter. Ugh.

  4. @whiplash2745

    0:48 ive never played this version or the original. Is the original alot harder than the remake?

  5. The only platinums I have on this list are sickbay and Crash 4. Crash 4 I got the plat twice, both from scratch.

    You're correct that Crash 4s plat is very skill dependent, I found it frustrating first time round, but second time was a cake walk.

  6. I have only 4 platinum trophies 🏆 Elden ring, bloodborn, dark souls 3 and Alan Wake 2 so trophies from Fromsoftware is always challenging and unique 👍

  7. @JustSomeMisfit

    Is Elden Ring even that bad? I haven't played it yet, and the only FromSoft game I've played is Bloodborne, which I platinum'd. I've heard Bloodborne is a lot harder, as well as Sekiro. Plus, you can at least over level become OP in Elden Ring to make bosses a pushover. Either way, I can't wait to try it finally.

  8. @burnsyd17

    I dunno, would think Fortnite should make this list.
    One particular Gold, "Plays Well with Others", requires completing 1,000 "Play With Others" missions. This could EASILY take well in excess of 1,000 hours to obtain.

  9. @LucieOne

    I tried and tried on Returnal and never got it because things I needed simply never spawned on my runs…. and I didn't particularly like the game either. I did get Elden Ring's though.

  10. @tbhreviews6611

    It makes me happy seeing I have a lot of these platinums but the ones I’m missing I feel like I want to get those lol

  11. @Volt35

    Crash 4 was a fantastic game, but I hated how difficult 100%ing it was. Crash 1-3 were far more accessible/reasonable in that way.

  12. @mdfkrz79

    I've had string it together as my last trophy for the platinum in sackboy for a while now, it winds me up after the first couple of deaths and I just turn it off again 😄

  13. @youssefehab8355

    I am 100% with you that crash 4 is the most difficult platinum ever and wanted dead's platinum is too hard to get

  14. @missedgames

    I'd take out Returnal and add Devil May Cry 5. Returnal isn't hard it just has RNG based trophies.

  15. Returnal is not hard whatsoever. Glad I got the platinum before PlayStation updated the game making it even easier.

  16. @lavayuki

    I am a trophy hunter but the hardest I go for is a game rated as 7/10 on PSN. I have none of these…. the hardest plats that I have, or at least I thought were hard were probably games like FFX. I remember Tales of Vesperia was kind of hard, mostly because of all the stuff you had to do and the missables.

  17. @GreyEagle

    Just about to get the platinum on Xcom 2… Now that was hard

  18. @Mixedbeats18

    Aside the Song of Life i only recomend do any of Yakuza platinum if other pandemic happens

  19. @chrismassey7783

    I have got none of these platinums and I don't intend on getting any of them got more than enough already

  20. @809200

    There’s only one game on this list that I can say I got a platinum on and that is returnal. Why I wouldn’t say it’s extremely hard. It is also luck based. But the game is so good, it was worth it.

    All the other games on this list, don’t fuss me whatsoever and I did play crash bandicoot 4 but even I knew it wasn’t worth it because I am not that good at platforming games.

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