The Most Improved MacBook Pro!

The 13″ MacBook Pro gets a massive boost in performance for 2018.
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MBP 13 –
XPS 13 –

8th gen CPUs on the 2018 13″ MBP deliver way better performance than the 2017 models. Quad Core CPUs, a true tone display, voice activated Siri and protected butterfly keyboard switches are also present this year.

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  1. Dave2D

    If you need a MacBook, the 13" is waaay more powerful this year than it has been in the past. It might fit the bill if you don't need a bigger screen. Thanks for watching!

  2. qwesx23

    in my country, dell cost surprisingly high. it's about 1720 USD with 256GB 8GB FHD. I think I'll go for the macbook pro.

  3. i am i grade7 and I have a mac book air but it is getting so so do you recommend getting a mac book pro 13"

  4. Zack

    Hey Dave the XPS you put in your description is the same cost as the MacBook. Was this a mistake or do I not have the right computer??

  5. One problem I've had the last year: I bought 4!!! High-end Windows products (Hp Spectre 360 Ch032ng, Microsoft Surfacebook 2, each twice) and all of them had significant problems, which forced me to return them. Therefore I am now considering switching to an apple product for the first time. I just need something that works. 🤷‍♂️

  6. Hi …
    I wanted to buy a 13inch touch bar version but here in India I am not sure if it's still dual core or quad core …
    Could you help ?

  7. Keyan Williams

    Usually I agree with you buddy but I think you're off on this one. There's so many laptops (as you noted) that are at a better price point. However, not too many out there with the 8th gen 6 core processor. How about future proofing and going with the 15in MBP? Maybe because I'm 6'6 the extra weight in not an issue. Thank again, always appreciate your videos.

  8. Greg Kelway

    I drank the Koolaid and my 13” should be here tomorrow. Sorry guys. 🙁

  9. Kyle

    I think the higher price of Macs related more to the life of the device. I've had multiple windows based laptops over the years and the 1 MacBook I've had lasted as long as all of those laptops combined.

  10. Jordan Ong

    What is the cover you have on the 2018 MacBook Pro trackpad?

  11. BassMoore

    how do u feel about windows machines longevity compared to macs, i know most macs last year 7-10 years.. windows are like 3-5 years.. do u think that plays into peoples decisions to buy?

  12. Method Jan

    Do you recommend macbook 2017(13 inch) or 2018(13 inch) for ios development?

  13. TBar

    When my 2013 MacBook Pro 13 inch fried in a water spill in 2016, I switch to a 13 inch XPS. It felt like I was cheating, cause suddenly I had access to all this extra stuff for way less money. But I used my MacBook for music production, on Pro Tools, and I guess I didn't account for the fact that Pro Tools just seems to run better on a MacBook. The real issue is that my XPS has died many a death. I don't know if they shipped a faulty unit to me, but out of the box it never updated properly, it had to be factory reset many times, I can't run it at the full UHD setting cause so many professional apps balk and shrink or wrap weirdly (yeah I know, a Windows 10 issue, but weird that there's no universal solution yet after three years), and eventually the video card gave up (or something) and I had to send it back for repairs from Dell (it came back missing three screws, so the chassis is just separating constantly). Two days ago, the sound driver gave up, I don't know why and I am so TIRED. You might say that I shouldn't be using a 13 inch laptop for Pro Tools because I'll run it into the ground, but I had my MacBook for three years and it was fine. This thing has always had issues.

  14. M Jearl Vinot

    Love my 13” MacBook Pro except that mines a 2014. LOL. Still going strong!

  15. Joseph Abaya

    would you still recommend 13" MBP 2015 model ? for photo and video editing ?

  16. Sergey Cherenkov

    Hey Dave,

    What do you think about "flexgate"? Did you have this problem? Your thoughts about this. Should I fear about it? If I'll want to buy a MacBook Pro.

    Thanks for your channel,

  17. True Mordecai

    Do you guys think that the 13” with the touch bar will last me 10 years?

  18. Dylan Mouton

    Dave I been following this situation with the new MacBooks of 2018. In Namibia where I am from they are N$ 25 000 which is crazy and I have been looking for a Macbook to buy or as a sponsorship for my studies. In your personal opinion I am starting my own YouTube channel and Instagram page about tech and men’s grooming. I will be doing this as I have seen that there are not a lot of Namibians that YouTube because we don’t get recognized. I would like to start my own channel and therefore wanted to ask if you do giveaways of MacBooks which I can use as my startup as I don’t have a laptop at the moment. I would be grateful if you replied my message.

  19. Tim R

    I think not updating the non Touch Bar version had more to do with promoting the sales of the new Air that they knew they were going to release an an the 13” Pro

  20. Agil Asadi

    Like.. god… Someone gift me a laptop, my laptop is broken and all my development process has stopped 😤

  21. X

    just got a free 2018 xps 9370 with an i7 8th gen cpu and 16gb of ram but no 4k screen. idk if i should sell it and get a mbp. any advice would be appreciated. btw best buy trade in value is 175 usd lmao

  22. Kourosh G

    Ordered 2017 model first, then called and upgraded to Touch Bar 2018. Difference in price isn’t much but core counts matters 👍

  23. George Chukhriy

    Tell me somebody, are Macbook pros 2018 base model without touch bar come with keyboard problems or not.

  24. Andres

    can you please review the surface laptop 2!!

  25. TheHandsomebaby

    My wife just bought this MacBook with i5, 8GB ram, 256 SSD. It gets crazily hot even for simple tasks like safari and Facetime calls. The battery gets drained very fast also. Very disappointed. Is anyone facing similar problems?

  26. Juicestus

    I hate how people say the apple logo on the back adds 500 dollars to the price, you're paying for the operating system, no one else has Mac OSX. As a developer, windows doesn't have the native bash support, but linux is too ugly and barebones for an ultrabook. I have a linux PC for dataset training, but my 15 inch MacBook Pro is still the #1 developer laptop for a reason.

  27. Flower Miss

    Foldable portable laptop stand raise laptop for comfortable viewing and typing. Sand-blasted and silver anodized finish match and fit Macbooks, MacBook Airs, Macbook Pros perfectly.

  28. Ignorant Reader

    Hey guys who are scrolling can anyone advise me for photographer and 1080p video editing is it good for that 13 inch macbook pro??

  29. Ronald Boykin

    MacBooks cost way to much for what you get! Not a good value unless you get an older matchbook! Best Buy had the 2017 13" on sale for $1099.99! Apple is making them cheaper but charging more money! I think people are getting tired of spending so much money for Apple products!

  30. scanflight

    In the company where I work, this year ALL Dell laptops have suffered from batteries that swell and repair under warranty is extremely difficult to obtain (no warranty on batteries). I add that the quality of the aluminum case of the Macbook is far superior to all other manufacturers, who often have a plastic case bottom. It's in the details that Apple is much superior and premium

  31. Muslahi_77

    Techkhamun I’m not waiting for 2020 14 inch it’s not because it’s new it’s better , it may have arm which is not powerful as intel and amd . It will have mini led which is really fragile which is actually a risk . And if even have intel 10 gen there won’t be that much difference

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