The NEW PlayStation Portal

This is the new PlayStation Portal for the PS5. It will let you stream your games from your PS5 from anywhere with an internet connection. AD gifted by PlayStation #ps5 #playstation #playstationportal #unboxing #review #gaming #playstation5


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  1. LincsTM Gaming

    Honestly I’d rather get a steamdeck. Access to the steam library, emulator, can add other stores to it. But the game changer for me has been remote playing the ps5 through it. Makes no sense buying this, spend the extra £100 and get a steamdeck

  2. Darren Houston

    Stick drift worries me, does anyone know if it’s Hall effect or not?

  3. Ronin GXNG

    Don't buy that guys , he's just simping cz sony gave him a free unit.

  4. Dale

    Lmfao!!!!! It’s garbage!! No OLED screen and no Bluetooth hahaha Sony is a joke

  5. Dale

    Lmfao if there’s a delay then it sure as shit ain’t gonna be good for gt7🤡🤡🤡

  6. RubDeDup

    Just use your phone remote play with a controller. You will have the same thing for free

  7. John Esparza

    This is perfect for my use case. Working father that the only real times to play is when I lay down to sleep and my spend 45 min or so scrolling through my phone. Posting up on the couch isn’t realistic at those times. I have always wanted to utilize remote play but there were always compromises I never liked. Wanted a dedicated remote play device, just never thought I would get it. This feels built just for me! Able to secure one tonight, looking forward to it.

  8. shortRAGE

    What about stickdrift? Do you feel any improvements on the sticks or is it the same as the dualsense controller? You didnt answer that on insta and i guess now i know why. You got this sponsored 😂

  9. this is so disappointing honestly, i thought it was going to be its own thing like the psp but you need a ps5 to run this and it's basically a screen with a controller attached to it

  10. Gerotzried

    Hättst dein Geld auch sinnvoller ausgeben können

  11. Indigo 999

    All we want is another next gen psp not this. Looks like somthing wish would sell

  12. Haidar

    I thought he was going to say gta7💀

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