The New ROG Ally Can Run Popular Esports Games At 120fps! A Fast RDNA3 Hand-Held

In this video we take a look a some popular sports games running on the all new ASUS ROG Ally at 120FPS like Overwatch 2, CSGO, VALORANT, League Of Legends, Dota 2 and more.
The Ryzen Z1 extreme is an a power RDNA3-based APU WITH Zen4 core that handles AAA games on the ROG Ally.

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00:00 Introduction
00:17 Overview
00:43 18watt TDP ROG Ally
01:38 Overwatch 2 ASUS ROG Ally
02:09 Fortnite ASUS ROG Ally
02:48 PUBG ASUS ROG Ally
03:48 APEX Legends ASUS ROG Ally
04:19 COD MW2 ASUS ROG Ally
05:10 CS GO ASUS ROG Ally
06:09 League Of Legends LOL ASUS ROG Ally
06:48 DOTA 2 ASUS ROG Ally
07:24 ROG Ally Battery Life esports
08:08 Final Thoughts

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  1. ErinTech

    "Popular esports games"
    Doesnt include OW in the thumbnail
    Good. Good.

  2. Synaxis

    Hello ETA I was wondering if you could help me I have a Samsung Notebook with a dedicated GPU MX450. However on Windows I'm struggling to make it the default graphics adapter windows for some reason is choosing Intel HD integrated graphics as the primary GPU.

    On Linux However, I can do this easily by setting the prime render on Nvidia settings.

  3. prod

    idk if it's just me but I just don't wanna see windows on my device lmao. Especially windows 11. I want a handheld console which is what the Steam Deck feels like and honestly it looks like it is getting treated like one as companys are now optimizing there games to be Steam Deck Ready with the green checkmark.

    It's gonna be hard to have that feeling on ROG Ally and having to optimize for windows handheld devices gonna be hard. It's like app devs making a app on Android or iPhone. There's 1 iphone technically which makes it easier for app devs to pick App Store to start and there's soooo many Android phones in all different shapes and builds that they have to please and optimize This is what it looks like is gonna happen.

    EDIT: of course they are gonna update the bios and ROG Ally before launch smh.


    pubg looks really good my steam deck cant run pubg because of that anti cheat thing but i play bloodhunt everyday on my steam deck and i made it in the top 50 ranked on vampire the masquerade bloodhunt so you can play these handhelds at a pro lv if your good enough.

  5. Hampang Ta YT

    I wanted to buy this handheld how much is this but i'm poor😢

  6. i think RSR works below the native res. why did you have it on at 1080 native res?

  7. Josue Rivera

    Did you upgrade the SSD? Can we get a walk through video if you did?

  8. julio4473

    Nice video, i have a request for content. In my research for what hand held to buy, I've been leaning towards the ROG Ally, but i haven't seen anyone who has got their hands on one play any simulator games. I've strayed away from the console to play PC for titles like American truck simulator, Farming simulator 19,22 (with mods) BeamNG drive, train sim world, Out of Ore. I am looking forward to upcoming titles like Heavy Cargo, the truck simulator, Flight Simulator, and Truck World Australia. I would like to see ROG footage of some of the titles i mentioned. So, to help me decide if it's worth going from the desktop to on the go gaming with the ROG, thanks!

  9. It may come down to what kind of gammer you are. Competitive high FPS game pkayers may choose the Ally while others may go for 7840U handhelds for higher graphics quality but fine with 60 FPS.

  10. Michael

    I wanna see apex legends on turbo mode docked and undocked!

  11. Milano 7

    I know FIFA will run buttery smooth but i just want to see it😅

  12. Daniel Armstrong

    I really want to see if this can handle 120fps streaming from a local pc, being able to use my 4090 at 120hz anywhere in the house sounds amazing.


    Nice video sir..
    Ask ko lang pwede bang mag stream dito gamit external monitor? Goods din ba fps niya while streaming a game?

  14. johnny ssd

    Nigga the steamdeck can do all that shyt too…u know that already but you just cover everything! Using a controller with a handheld defeat purpose….u know that too

  15. Pain Lover

    we hope in the future we can get 6 to 8 hrs gaming AAA pc games even it costs 1000$ because we want to play on handheld for more hours and Oled screen not on dock mode

  16. Aaron Gan

    thanks for the DOTA2 game .. appreciate it

  17. ItsBeatIes

    you are supposed to lower the resolution and then turn RSR on. Turning RSR on at native shouldnt do anything? Correct me if im wrong

  18. Greg A

    I need to see Diablo 4 on this

  19. CPPC TEK

    I wanna see both the rgb and silly active wallpaper engine disabled. Both of those reduce battery life. Also tweaking windows services to reduce cpu and memory usage may help. Also turning display brightness down and sound down and Bluetooth off will help too. If you tried you can get more

  20. Lewis Gordon

    I’d love to see a similar style video focussed on modern AAA games (such as Hogwarts Legacy, Elden Ring etc) 🙂

  21. Reddue

    Halo MCC. Modded fallout new Vegas and Skyrim

  22. Schattenmensch

    "Pubg didn't perform as well as I thought it was gonna" … with the the skill that has gone into optimizing pubg I'm surprised the handheld didn't catch fire.
    I'm a bit surprised you left out Rocket League since that is the only esports title where a controller is actually the optimal way to play. I don't doubt the allys ability to run it, just would have made sense because apart from possibly fortnite I wouldn't want to play any of these games without mouse and keyboard ^^

  23. kostasvapo

    Can you create a video with AAA titles at Medium/High settings and FSR balanced or performance, telling us how good or bad the image quality is?

  24. Croix Tucker

    I wonder what the lowest tdp this can be forced to. I want to play 2d rpg on this once it shows up.

  25. And this is probably why Asus uses Windows.
    Native support for multiplayer games.

  26. Mr. J

    Thank you for this video! Some of these are the games I play on a desktop, but I mostly play story driven games on my switch/tab. I play with my switch and tab S8 docked and connected to an external monitor. I was planning on getting this but curious on how it does with Dota2 and Valorant, now I can comfortably get one once it's available in my area. Thank you so much!

  27. GozetaZero

    is it ok to play ally plugged in while its battery at 100% via power bank or preferably via its own cable and power outlet?

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