The OLED vs QLED Mistake | Samsung S90D vs LG QNED 90T 2024 TV Compared

A real look at the state of Mini LED TV vs QD-OLED TV in 2024 within the same price level, and a reminder that not all Mini LED TVs are the same. This is a comparison between LG QNED90T 65″ and Samsung S90D OLED 55″, before you say not fair theres a 77″ QD-OLED I listed below for $100 more than 65″ QNED 90T.
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  1. @TechWithKG

    I showed the QNED90T because of its price point but if you want to see how a Samsung or Hisense Mini LED would do I can do that comparison if you want?

    However please emember this about Mini LED while the LG QNED90T is not the best one to represent the technology, there are certainly TVs that have better contrast performance but none of them still come close to OLED contrast even ones with a ton of zones like the QN95C. My point of this entire video though stands for every single mini LED TV currently in stores not one of them comes close to a QD OLED or W-OLED with MLA in contrast and most scenes because of how local dimming currently works on these TVs end up with you having more HDR impact on the brighter modern OLED, some mini LED TVs might have higher brightness but again it’s only in very high APL scenes.

  2. @Dreamer5211

    WOW == thank you . I never knew that OLEDs even quantum dot panel could get that bright and that clear. What I noticed was the motion blur on the LG compared to the S90D . Not only is the S90D brighter , it is way smoother . I can`t go bigger than 55" so maybe I should look very hard at the S90D. Can you please post if this 55" S90D has a 3.5 mm analog audio out — it is located to the right of the regular I/O's , thanks.
    Dreamer 

  3. @torqpoc2543

    This comparison is terrible. Compare a QN90D or QN900D, or top end TCL or Hisense – not a terrible LG mini led

  4. @barryjones2366

    Is there a setting on the LG to reduce mid-tones like ST.2084 on a Samsung QN series? I have a QN90B and if I use ST.2084 -3 it reduces mid-tones and gives me a pretty much OLED like picture, colours and contrast are almost a match to my phones OLED, it just has brighter highlights on the OLED when I test youtube HDR channel, 4K Clips and Trailers. It's very very close for image quality so can be adjusted especially if it's over brightened like it is here. 😀 And yes, I would like to see a better Samsung S90D vs QN90D series comparison.

  5. @SDGRTX1455

    Will Sony upcoming mini led be the game changer that we all be hoping/waiting for? That mini led kinda looks like mid-tier. Oled contrast is still something else ❤

  6. @enzopied3015

    While I agree QD-OLED is the best on the market right now, LG Minileds are absolutely not the comparison to make. They're by far the most trashy out of any of the minileds out there and could make almost any other miniled tv look good

  7. @A_Burly_Gnoll

    Well qd-oled are stuck right now at 77 and I hear 83 oleds have vertical banding and DSE. I might end up giving up on my idea of going 85 this gen.

  8. @bguerre1ro

    Thanks for the very informative video but a comparison between the LG G4, Samsung S90/5D and the Samsung QN90/5D would have perhaps been a better choice.

  9. @AntrAcsA

    LG have the worst miniLED TVs on marker ! They promise a lot this year but i don't see this huge improvements. If you put U8K next to this S90D will look way better that QNED90.

  10. @truthx7

    Don't know if it's the camera KG but the motion blur/smearing on the qned90t is really bad compared the the oled

  11. @__improwise__

    Thanks for another great video. While I agree with your findings in general, there is one big advantage to MiniLED that was not mentioned – work/productivity/desktop. I realize that this was more a TV review than a monitor review, but since many people use TVs as monitors these days, perhaps it should be mentioned. Some would probably mention burn in as well but personally I stopped worrying about that a few years ago.

  12. @DaddySizeIt

    This is good. I'm someone who has been leaning LCD over OLED. I'm buying either the X90L 55" (or 2024 replacement for it) or the S90D 55". I am sick of my Samsung PN50B650 from '09 that's finally failing on me, being wiped out when the windows are open. I also see image retention and have for years now. No actual hard burn in. If I run the screen cleaner anything goes away. So I wouldn't be too worried about OLED burn-in. For me the bright living room is the real problem with OLED (and us old heads with plasmas still). But the biggest reason I'm leaning LCD is because general image quality of LCD TVs like the X90L and X95L are really not that far off OLED. OLED is better, but I'm not sure it's the gap that existed in 2009 when I picked plasma over LCD then. They've gotten really good, just go look at the Sony stuff as they do everything right.

  13. @biber9979

    So S90D didn't get any brightest boost…so its the same thing like tv from 2 years ago S95b. It is so sad that customers of all tvs get 0 improvements expect those who buy most expensive models. Shame on you Samsung, Lg…

  14. @NexGenTek

    No one seems to Know that if you get the S90D from Costco you get a 60W channel instead of 40W and also you get a better OTS option and the biggest difference you get Auto HDR Remastering and that’s HUGE! Neither the S90D or S95D has that option from any other retailer!

  15. @curtis19921

    I think people want a tv that can last at least 10 years never had an oled tv so not sure how long it would last

  16. @18matts

    If you look at rtings s95c longevity test, burn in is a non-issue for qdoled. Qdoled is the way😊

  17. @hammerjoe2008

    Or we wait for tcl or hisense that are just around the corner and see how they perform. Their mini led beats samsung out of the park anyday.

  18. @wopino

    I'm scratching my head too, not to mention the garbage motion on any LED TV. OLED is the way to go these days until microLED comes into play in normal sizes..

  19. @kpv123

    Your entire test is invalid. You can't test two different sized TVs because the pixel density is tremendously different, and then you go and make comments on the contrast! Seriously?
    My local Best Buy had two of Sony's best tvs, one OLED, the other mini LED side by side, same size screens. The mini LED looked a lot brighter and was easily the superior TV.

  20. @hdlowrider1903

    Love OLED! Got my A80L free months ago. Amazing TV. Thanks for the videos. I used your video on that TV to guide me through the set up and settings

  21. @davidw2744

    I prefer oleds but I need to call BS on this. I have a much worse performing lcd tv (the Sony x900h) and all I have to do is turn on a small little 40 w lamp for ambient light behind the tv… and then I never see blooming. On a miniled tv then from any brand with just little bit of ambient light in the room… YEAH NEVER.

    Secondly, hdtv test discussed this new lg miniled tv and it has 40,000 local dimming zones. This video makes it sound like it has almost no dimming zones. Give me a break. But yeah still if you're going to watch only in a pitch black room, then yeah a miniled is a terrible choice.

    Third, qd oleds have REALLY aggressive ABL. I do not believe for a second that the two tvs look as a bright in a bright room (and the video doesn't show it either, naughty naughty!!). An oled looks bright in a dark room as an optical illusion from the perfect blacks. But even calibrated to the same peak brightness, lcds just look brighter due to not having ABL. I should know I own both tv types.

    Fourth, Digital Trends discussed this recently. A viewer had a question "is an entry level oled a better buy than a high end lcd" and the answer was NOT TODAY. These minileds have really improved, and in most settings would just look as good as an oled. Really, the correct conclusion is that in a pitch black room go for oled. In a bright room go for miniled. And it doesn't matter that much inbetween. I think when you put all that together you see that actually miniled does earn having a high price tag.

    I have two oleds and I do prefer them to lcd. But I think such a biased, nonsensical video needs to be called out. Don't fanboy for technology, it is dumb.

  22. I hope everyone keeps in mind that not all MINILED TVs are made alike or perform the same and this comparison could be very different depending on the TVs compared

  23. @sj460162

    Great video KG. Makes me wonder why the hell I bought the QN95C!!?? I would like to upgrade in a few years KG and will buy a qd oled. By then the tech will be even more advanced.
    I am a worrier…burn in still worrys me even though it shouldnt, its not just me in the house, I have young kids and the tv is left on pause a lot!
    I also have a very bright front room and am a huge fan of gaming brightness. You showed a video once KG comparing mini led and oled on an ice hockey game and the mini led nailed it and that helped me a lot.
    Also you said sdr is brighter on led which appealed to me as most of what I watch is sdr. But I will buy an oled and thenfinally I will see what allthe fuss is about with my own eyes…and I think I will be impressed!!

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