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The OnePlus 6T is Looking Awesome

The OP6T looks to have a couple nice upgrades. The notch looks like it’ll be reduced in size to a cleaner waterdrop shape and a in-screen fingerprint sensor could make a debut in a OnePlus Phone.

It’s hard to find a phone in 2018 without a notch but the OnePlus 6T might have one of the smallest notches in the market right now. Coupled with a new fingerprint sensor built into the screen, the OP6T should have all the usual trimmings like a headphone jack and the notificiation switch.

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  1. Mattez

    Please Oneplus, stay with the notification-LED. A customizable notifivcation LED is the most underrated feature.

  2. Philson

    Notch is fine. But I don't understand why phones have notch AND chin.

  3. Wei

    No it's not amazing when they remove the headphone jack, which everyone in the community voted to keep. Oneplus has settled and their slogan is a lie

  4. ass

    Why does one plus release a phone twice every year??

  5. Reserved 100

    I would buy anything right now except for iPhone, I started hating apple, no headphone jack, removing fingerprint is unacceptable for me and the type of a job I do. Apple doesn’t listen to their customers anymore, it’s almost tyrannical.

  6. Drerri KA

    Fuck OnePlus give me back my headphone jack!

  7. NeutronPCXT

    Actually, not anymore.

    This phone will NOT have a headphone jack anymore!

  8. IBC

    Looks like I bought a OP6 at the wrong time then. Oh well, still a great phone.

  9. Myxtro

    No headphone jack so I can't connect it to my car radio and headphones. Sorry Oneplus but I have to switch to another brand.

  10. 봅클에킴

    No jack and it has a notch AND a bigger design?! Note 9 it is…

  11. No headphone jack = This thing just dropped off my list. I don't do dongles that I have to carry everywhere, and I don't mess with headphones with batteries that can't last me through a trip from Chicago > LAX > Japan without needing a charge. A normal phone I plug in to charge, and forget about it as I listen. Can't do this unless the dongle has charge and headphone jack all in one. This is a solution in search of a problem. Phones are already water resistant with the jack. Phones are already thin with the jack. Phones already have wireless charging with the jack. Phones already have larger batteries with the jack. This is cost cutting, pure and simple and yet the price is going up. LG it is then.

  12. flash

    One Plus is no longer a budget flagship killer phone. Also RiP headphone jack.

  13. rere439

    I had Mi Max before, and as my career advances, I want switch my previous phone but, I hate notches, then I bought S9+ with nice blue color and a bunch of features inside it.. And I live happily after that

  14. TechSaberWolf

    If T-Mobile carries all options for purchase. I'll switch over and kiss good bye to my note 8

  15. JRcheesburger

    If they included a micro sd card slot they would be the best phone you could get. i would gladly get one if that ended up being the case

  16. Jmpaul26

    I wish OnePlus would make an S9 sized phone, also. I have an S8 and I love the large screen built into a body that's way easy to hold in one hand.

  17. RJ

    Guys can you ask a question is oneplus 6 camera is better than galaxy s8??

  18. Liz C

    hey, i like your videos – plz keep em coming thanks

  19. Dapper

    If the rumors are true, I might upgrade my iPhone 6s to the one plus 6t(after it comes out).

  20. frost1358

    I feel betrayed by OnePlus we all told them to keep the headphone jack and they just straight up ignored us and took it away anyways .

  21. Brewing 🍺

    I like how OnePlus software, close to stock Android. I'm sure they will have a adapter to 3.5 headphone jack like all the other phones, where you charge the phone. Moving the headphone jack makes room for a bigger battery! And water resistant! With a lot of portible speaker's out there, Android software Bluetooth has had a lot of upgrades over the last two years with 5.0 Bluetooth. The quality is getting better.

  22. JugSoda

    I hate the notch and how it interrupts the screen

  23. luke t

    Hello dave i wanna ask my cousin wants to swap his phone with mine and want from me 200 $ i have op 6 128gb 8 g ram his phone s9+ 128 gb 6 g ram ideas bro ?? Help

  24. Snitsel

    Can I use the fingerprint through display protection?

  25. jeeturaaj rj

    You'v only spoken of the expected launch in the north american markets, which is cool. M waiting in India. This is
    Jeeturaaj – an rj with Mirchi 98.3, the Radio platform of The Times Of India group, with its presence across networks.
    Wanna know details on your next launch in India. Wanna try this out with its latest version. Would love if you add me to
    your league on instagram and twitter. Both platforms the handle is @MirchiJeeturaaj thanks and all the best.

  26. I have a OnePlus 3. I just noticed that the Network, Battery and Clock icons on the top of the screen are visible like a light grey shade through the display when I was watching videos on YouTube. I checked it by looking at different photos as well. The icons are visible through photos as well.

  27. I legit hear him say 60. I know it's just 6t said very fast, but I start to see what oneplus did there

  28. Pr07o7yp3

    Only this shitty notch stops me to buy this phone.

  29. Mcspicy

    God, this guy has got to stop talking with his hands

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