The Opal Tadpole Has Arrived!

The new Opal tadpole camera offers better quality in half the price and one fifth the size. In this video, I demonstrate the actual differences! (In paid partnership with Opal)
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  1. saifblade

    there seems to be some serious noise reduction happening as a filter. This doesn't necessarily mean it is producing less noise, just hiding it. Sound isn't that good. Color range not too good. Def NOT worth the money.

  2. Dabby724

    You said you'd be objective, yet the zenbook cam and the apple laptops had far better mics and video quality than that overpriced web camera

  3. mhud

    The Opal Tadpole footage looks like it has a cel shading filter applied. I can't imagine spending $200 for that quality. Cool form factor though! I sort-of did a double-take and had to go full screen + 4k to make sure I wasn't just seeing things. But your iPhone and MBP webcam footage both look totally normal.

  4. Audio Destiny

    Continuity and regular m1 default look great. I wonder if it’s a problem that you look darker in the tadpole. Also, when you hit the mute button, you can hear the tap. I just bought it but I’m not sure if I’ll keep it. Thanks for the review

  5. Jordi Barguñó

    I have been using an app called Camo for years in order to use my Samsung Phone with my Windows Laptop. The App is free and it works great.

  6. Ragingsilver

    I don't get how we can have a great camera on our phones but can't transition the tech to laptops…

  7. Fin Park

    There is absolutely no way you, Mike O'Brien think the Tadpole is better than the default MBP webcam, even by the comparison video that you've shown. "The new Opal tadpole camera offers better quality in half the price and one fifth the size." I have the original, Opal 1… The tadpole is not better than the Opal 1, based on your video and the other tadpole review videos that I've seen. wtf dude. Wtf is up with how the video is processed? It's like you have some weird art filter on it, as if you've upscaled a low-res vid.

  8. Oswald

    Oof. That is the worst audio I’ve heard from a webcam in a long time. For 175$? Ehh. There’s definitely better quality webcams out for that price.

  9. Michael Hell

    Is it just me or does the tadpole video footage look like a watercolor painting?

  10. Judah Coody

    Love the designs and the team at opal but this product is a huge miss. Only designed for laptops… but it’s not as good as built in MacBook webcams.
    It would really shine for lower tier windows laptops, but in that category people aren’t going to pay for a nearly $200 webcam.

  11. John M

    That Asus Zen web cam quality looked way better than the tadpole. The Tadpole sound is very digital sounding.

  12. MrGelowe

    $175 is ridiculous. Just get Logitech c920 if you need a webcam.

  13. Atlantic Picture

    So, this is priced at $175, which is comparable to the Logitech BRIO Ultra HD Pro ($176) or the Logitech 4K Pro Webcam ($163). There are also several other options at BH in that price range. I wonder how much better this is compared to those.
    This one doesn't even show the price until you put it in the cart on their site. In my experience, when a product website raves about an item and tries to dazzle you with page after page of great graphics and photos, only revealing the price at the very end, it's usually not worth the price. However, I might be mistaken here. A side-by-side comparison could prove me wrong.

  14. JPF

    So this webcam is a…… webcam.

  15. Ian Tullie

    Ouch – that's a lot of money for an external webcam that really doesn't seem to perform that well. The audio was pretty crappy in the cafe situation – I think most people are going to be better off with some noise cancelling IEMs for both the sound and mic. Apps like Zoom and Teams generally compress the heck out of video for bandwidth, so whatever quality you're getting isn't really making as much difference on a stream.

  16. ItsJoeA

    The opal is impressive, but damn does the iPhone blow it out the water. Lol. Every laptop should allow us to do this with a variety of of phones, because that quality is unbelievable.

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