The Opal Tadpole – smallest webcam I’ve ever seen!

Opal just released their brand new Tadpole webcam, the smallest and most portable webcam I’ve ever seen!
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My Setup Gear!
My Camera Gear:
• BlackMagic URSA Mini Pro Camera:
• BMPCC 6k Camera:
• Sigma 18-35 Lens:
• Sigma 50mm:
• Manfrotto Tripod & Head:
• Sennheiser MKH416 Mic:

Music: Esbe –

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  1. Steven Vokoun

    I feel like this video is a perfect example of why this channel is falling apart with limited views. Everything seems like just a long low effort sponsor read. No comparison to other webcams such as the built in macbook one, logitech, etc. No comparison of audio quality and sound isolation to the built in laptop ones, other webcams, a real mic etc. Everything is just trust me its good because this company paid me to say this. Overall poor review.

  2. Galo Cego

    cant wait to substitute my bad laptop camera to a worse and inconvenient one 😀

  3. Emerson Leite

    a camera tem a imagem estilo cartoon, é como se tivesse processando todo o ruido da cena e acaba ficando com esse aspecto de Oil Paint

  4. Sagely_One

    For $200, you’d have to be an idiot to buy this webcam. There are similar or better webcams available for $100 or less. Don’t fall for this shill

  5. cat in a bag

    Nifty little camera, but yeah the video noise reduction is a little over-the-top. But if you're just using it for zoom meeting or whatever I bet it would be really handy.

  6. Nick B

    The smoothing is ridiculously over the top. You look cell shaded, lol. I dont understand how the selfie cam on an average phone these days looks infinitely better than this.

    That said, the POV live stream shots with the Pokemon cards look significantly better than the extended talking head segment. Were there different settings used there?

  7. Fred Hart

    Jittery video, must be slow FPS and you don't feel this is worth mentioning in your review??? Sad, very sad. Like you were paid off.

  8. PRAGO

    I love the product idea but the image quality is garbage. it looks like a cartoon filter.

  9. BankShot

    Clean & Natural ? What ? You look like a Cartoon. The Pokemon Cards where better … at least.

  10. Robert Highwind

    Everyone likes to crap on something without any context on business decisions. The market for this isn't gamers or content creators. The camera's image isn't meant to be seen fullscreen because it's marketed as an ultraportable webcam for a laptop. The primary use of a laptop webcam is for meetings and when you're in a meeting, your image is small, like 10% of the screen. So I'm almost certain the reason it looks the way it looks is so that your face really pops and look nice in a small window alongside other small windows in a meeting.

  11. D34done

    I guess I’m not seeing what others are seeing, I like the look of the picture it gives. Personally wouldn’t use it, just don’t have a need for it as my laptop camera is sufficient enough for my remote meetings, but I’m sure someone could come up with cool ideas.

  12. please make it clear when you're participating in an affiliate scheme, it is generally perceived as a conflict of interest when you get a kickback for people purchasing the product.

  13. ArcturusCOG

    For its price it’s basically a scam, it looks ultra processed and cell shaded with saturated colors. It is the opposite of natural like you said in the video. Just admit they’re paying you money and holding you hostage until you say their product is good.

  14. BoomMC, Inc

    I had wrote a snarky comment, but im about to go on my 2nd work trip and that gave me pause. Could be useful.

  15. David S

    Corgis do indeed rule the whole world. Glad you understand!

  16. Osher Shuman

    This seems like shit. Honestly surprised how much its talked up and how great it looks. Looks worse then any laptop webcam I have ever used. $175 for that???! Absolute robbery. Marketing is cool and size is great but its terrible at the one thing its actually used for, a webcam. My colleagues would ask wtf is wrong with my face with this. Disappointed at how much this is praised. Show's what paid advertising does.

  17. JasperDG

    Wow, awful, like, where is your beard? Where is your hair? It just looks like a brown mess. There are way better camera's for this price.

  18. Wafu

    I mean I like how it looks, but it clearly is heavily filtered and processed, I think I disagree with your opinion on this looking natural.

    None of that matters though because at $175, it's highway robbery. I've worked with manufacturers and I can tell you that you're paying for something that costs $10 in hardware and there's no software or rnd that went into this.

    This will have Chinese clones in a few months for a fraction as well for anyone after something similar.

  19. GroteGlon

    the smoothing is so overdone you look like a well made ps1 character

  20. Mike Trieu

    Just 3D print a Tadpole extender tab for your particular monitor?

  21. Geraldtechshow

    All the YouTubers never pay for the product. So all they say it is awesome.

  22. TerraEmperor1

    I like the form factor, but not a fan of the audio quality. I wouldn't call the image quality natural. Looks like there's a filter over it. It would be a good on the iPad as a external cam though

  23. phizaal

    175 dollar is a rip off for a Webcam with such limited features and poor overall quality imo

  24. Tyler Robb

    Looks way too soft for the price. At $62 USD, the C920 still is the better value.

  25. luxu

    4:37 This was so disingenous of you.
    This VC funded crap has invested all their money on Marketing and Website than creating an actual product.
    For $175 you can buy a piece of shit that is outperformed by an aliexpress camera…

  26. Mr. Guillotine

    Not a fan of this. The processing is beyond obvious to the point of just making it look bad….I don't know if some settings might fix it, but the processing is bad, it looks like it's shooting at 20 FPS, and yeah…definitely not for me. It might be ok for just video calls, but for that price, I'd just go with something else, hell I have a $20 "2k" webcam I got off of Amazon that looks better than this …for some reason, the POV shots looked decent at least, somehow….Too many other options out there these days, and many of them look a lot better.

  27. marcus call

    This camera ain’t it for me. I think it just looks really jittery. I feel like my Surface Book 3 has a better camera. It’s definitely an interesting product though. Hopefully this is just a YouTube compression or stream issue and not actually visible in the video calls that this would be used for.

  28. IAmBear.

    Wow an 11min ad for a overpriced shitty camera

  29. oilpatch432

    well if you are using you macbook for this you don't need your phone so you can use your iphone for the camera and not really loose anything

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