The Optimal CPU and GPU Temperatures For Gaming [Ultimate Guide]

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So what are the best CPU and GPU temperatures when you’re gaming?

This is exactly what we’ll tell you in this video! Keep watching.

0:00 Intro
1:00 Intro to Optimal Gaming Temperature
1:51 Optimal Gaming Temperature: CPU
3:08 Optimal Gaming Temperature: GPUs
4:46 Intro to How to Track Temperature
5:03 How to Track Temperature: The Motherboard BIOS
5:24 How to Track Temperature: The CPU/GPU Utilities
6:08 How to Track Temperature: Third-Party Software
6:42 Intro to Dealing With High PC Temperature
7:08 Dealing With High PC Temperature: Clean the Heatsinks
7:28 Dealing With High PC Temperature: Check the Airflow
8:10 Dealing With High PC Temperature: Check the Ambient Temperature
8:59 Dealing With High PC Temperature: Make Use of the Warranty
9:30 Outro


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  1. I have zotac gtx 1650 4g non super, and when I play dota 2, I reach 78c max. Is it okay to play 5hrs straight while having 70c-78c gpu?

  2. ninja mane

    When I play ark my.pc.runs at 190f scares shit out of me wat should I do

  3. Arismory

    My gpu is getting near the 70's when running a high load in the witcher 3.

  4. PalatablePuddle

    my gpu usually hits around 80 degress F when running super settings on MW

  5. Daniel Tulbure

    You missed talking about high and low treshold and pc vs laptop temp.

  6. drift

    My i3 9100f and gtx 1660 stay around 60-70 degrees while gaming is this good?

  7. Nick Prober

    The temperature of the hardware does effect the performance….. The cooler you get your GPU the higher the clock speed will go. This works the same with the CPU as well. Same hardware with higher clock speeds will increase the speed of your computer.

  8. DiaborMagics

    So I bought a new laptop, Lenovo legion 5 and I used HWMonitor to keep track of temperatures for 3 days. Playing on and off, AFK activities when not playing, sometimes putting the game in the tray. The gpu never went above 67, but the cpu, ryzen 5,reached 92 as maximum. That had me worried even though depending on what I was doing it was generally sitting between 55 and 80.

    Since it's a new laptop I've often seen praised for its cooling, is this bad, or good?

    Should I find something I can place the laptop on like some kind of stand, to allow better airflow underneath?

    Edit the game I tested Temps with was black desert online, AFAIK a pretty heavy game. I ran it on high settings with depth of field and faraway npcs off, vibrant filter. If that matters and anyone has a base for comparison.

  9. Ducati NYC Vlog

    Ummm why are you showing Gran Turismo as the game clip in the beginning? Its a ps4 game.


    gpu is 70 undrr ultra in cyberpunm and cpu is also 70. ultra ray tracing

  11. Ollie H

    I don't trust woman talking about pc components..not so trustworthy.

  12. Sabarish Waran

    I have a MX 110 and i78550u processor, while gaming my laptop gets to 94°c is it ok

  13. nayraa 68

    Not to flex, but my CPU stays at 35-40° Celsisus. I have a Core 2 Quad though, so that probably explains why.

  14. Kacpy

    eh I just feel my case if it’s hot, I take a break or lower the settings, if it’s not I keep playing lmaoo

  15. Zaly

    Is it normal my gpu goes to like 60-70 when playing gta5 with fan speed 30

  16. Zaly

    My pc’s keep crashing well blue screens almost everytime im gaming can someone help me

  17. Paolo Guerrero

    Undervolting helped me lower the temperature of my Ryzen 5 3600 while adjusting the fan curve (and also undervolting) helped me lower the temps for my RX580.

  18. Lock is cute. Ψ

    heyo,i have a gtx 1070 ti amp extreme(zotac)
    having 64-65°C whie playing cod is it good? should i worry about it?

  19. Alex Svensson

    I tested playing RDR2 on my RTX 3080 on ultra settings and got up to 79°C

  20. Reuz

    For like 3-5 hours straight of gaming what’s the optimal temps?

  21. JoJonah67

    Cpu is 176 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit at full load Coldwater max settings

  22. Noobigun

    Playing ROBLoX x qnd I hot 94C Im pretty sure Its not good

  23. KATANA

    why does my pc closes while gaming??

  24. Ghost

    Am I missing something or is checking your temps in the bios kind of pointless. You can't do anything in the bios so there's not much point in caring what the temperature in your bios is. Like, if you could play a game while you're in the bios, sure, buuuut..

  25. Whoopy Gang

    My gpu temp while playing warzone is between 70 to 75 is it ok?

  26. Deomondes Santez

    can anyone tell me if i should be worried , my gpu goes between 75 and 90 , i only play ark on it , the fans sound like jet engines but the actual pc is room temp.

  27. WIM AllKind

    For more or less comparison in here.
    I'm running an i7-7700k and a spanking new out the box RTX-3070 Eagle OC V2. Doing some tweaking and adjusting the fan curve. Under loads, looking at 80c for both CPU and GPU.
    Not great but not terrible I know.

    *I should note my kitchen where I keep the beast is a fricking sauna all year round.

  28. bali

    No cap i was Playing Games with 95 celcius and didnt realize why my pc is getting terrible frames All of a sudden

  29. GeekMeme

    When they talk about GPU temps, are they talking about the memory junction or the overall gpu temp?

  30. Flynn White

    i play warzone and halo on a laptop, my temps are 55 GPU and CPU jumps around from 65-78 but spikes to 80 often and 85 less often but only for a moment. is this fine? i feel like ive done everything i could do.

  31. idleNEKO

    Glad to know that my CPU is at 68 and GPU is at 70-75 when overclocked im safe.

  32. F L U X

    5:52 – …you can easily check your gaphics cards temperature here…

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