The Orange Pi NEO Is The Newest Cheaper RYZEN 8000 Linux Handheld! New Info

New information about the upcoming Orange Pi Neo Manjaro Linux Powered Ryzen 7 8840U handheld has come to light and pricing looks very promising! A 7โ€ 120Hz screen, 16Gb DDR5 Ram and either the Ryzen 7 8840U or The Ryzen 7 7840U running Mankato Gaming Edition looks awesome!

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  1. @tpf92

    I can't get over how uncomfortable it looks compared to the SteamDeck, but $500 is dirt cheat for a handheld with a 7840U.
    Also, I just am not a fan of conductive pads, they just feel worse than dome switches latency-wise.

  2. @gdjaybee742

    I hope Lenovo brings out their device competing with this. I love the way they mimic the Switch, and have a Ryzen 8xxx series CPU and a 2280 NVME slot would be awesome as you can get a 4tb NVME for 200 bucks.

  3. @_cybik

    So the big difference between the 7840u and the 8840u is… more RyzenAI bollocks. The rest of the CPU is EXACTLY THE SAME.

    The 100$ difference isn't worth the AI scam. Go for the 500$ variant.

  4. @fuzzymuppet1990

    A littlrpe off topic but heve they not made a 10 inch tablet with a 7840u or z1 extreme.. with windows 11 , i would love to get one for music production along with my midi keyboard. Stick it on a sheet music stand behind the keyboard and use it just for music production

  5. @zkear0n

    It looks nice but for me it's too expensive since i live in Sweden where e have 25%vat and that sucks for most electronics when i look up most handheld gaming devices…. maybe i'll wait for the switch 2 or whatever it's gonna be called from Nintendo

  6. glad they got rid of the orange triggers and dpad on the white model. I hated how the white ayaneo next lite had that color scheme

  7. @jakesmith5278

    Good specs and good prices. I just don't care for more Linus to play Windows games. Tired of Wines. Can somebody just build a really cool and lite version of Windows for these HH?? C'mon Xbox, take on this task. You guys don't know jack sh1t about console gaming anymore. You're pretty much dead in the console war with Sony. Come do this instead.

  8. @DonaldWyman

    This sounds awesome except for the manjaro part… I would rather it be running almost any Linux distro other than Manjaro, but I am assuming once it comes out we can always just install something like Chimara or something like that.

  9. @csolisr

    I was worried about the device not including any additional back buttons to e.g. control the gyroscope – but fortunately it does include a pair of buttons next to the triggers. Not ideal, but it will make do.

  10. @Nick-hz9no

    When you get one of these, what I'd like to see is higher end emulation. So Wii, PS3, 3DS. Specifically DS and touchscreen stuff.

  11. @85crazytechlaz

    Okay so I was thinking way ahead of myself I was thinking that man 16 GB of RAM there's a lot of handhelds out there right now for 16 GB of RAM so that sucks but then I checked out their website and they saying that they're having two different types 16 gigs of RAM and 32 gigs of RAM option so if that 599 is that 32 gigs of RAM I'll get that shit in a heartbeat because it has a 2280 SSD also which that is awesome ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ and it's not going to be one of those Indigo Girls that they be pulling up it might end up being sold in stores so that's awesome that's another Plus

  12. @AdmV0rl0n

    Sadly Orange Pi make some nice hardware, but their software 'stuff' tends to fall down pretty badly.
    I will be holding breath on this because honestly I am expecting more of the same. A nice bit of hardware, but a seriously flawed software suite. :/

  13. @tiestoless

    I thought they were developing handheld with rk3588 processor

  14. @onion_____

    Whoever called eta prime making a video in the comment section of some website on just the news of the orangepi, you were right

  15. I just recently got a aokzoe A2 but might have to get this too lmao, just looks too awesome for the price and probably would be an amazing device to emulate on. More than anything im curious if it will have battery life similar to the steam deck due to running linux as on a hardware level the windows machines should do well, but none of them compete ofc

  16. @eskimolost2012

    would get the 8840u version to replace my ally would most likely going to my brother or nephew

  17. @ncg8224

    No OLED? No speaker review? Yeah steam deck still wins.

  18. @betablockrr

    Honestly may be getting this, but only the 32GB RAM system. 16GB isn't going to cut it for an APU/iGPU based system in 2024. Palworld struggles on Deck and Rog because of memory limits. But I'll likely install SteamOS on it

  19. @chromerims

    Wow, so simple and straight genius ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ”ฅ Flatpaks, immutable dependencies and Steam OOBE is an elegant solution.
    Mixing business with pleasure, one could DD function the SSD, then copy the Manjaro Gaming ISO into Ventoy side-by-side with others, and voila! . . . a perfect "mullet" handheld PC . . . (work up front, party in the back).
    Kindest regards, neighbours and friends.

  20. @srvuk

    Terrible company with zero support and poor software, so it is a good job that somebody else is running that side. They won't ever get any of my money again though, no matter what they out out.

  21. @xSavagepr

    PC Gaming needs to evolve and release itself from the shackles of Windows OS. Steam should develop Steam OS for PCs and these new handelds.

  22. @joemontano4275

    When you get it for you to try out… Can you please try out the new resident evil 4 remake…

  23. @deuxforever13

    I dunno why, but between the deck, ally, legiongo and now thr claw, this device looks the nicest. I love how it looks compact and portable.

  24. @loverboyroar

    Really like the idea of a new os system stepping into the market as I have said it many times, all these other devices rely on windows 11 and windows comes with a lot of crap that runs in the background using up memory that could be used simply for what you got the device for, gaming. Linux sounds awesome but I see this device as a down for looking at the design I can see all the buttons and controls are cramped on the device which would make game play uncomfortable the A,B,X,Y buttons are nearly off the top. Large hand people like myself would get hand cramps playing for an hour. I hope this isnโ€™t the finally design

  25. @bandito241

    These devices looks to be great but I had bad luck with support overseas with Chinese products. That shipping and handling could become hella expensive since they donโ€™t tend to pay for returns.

  26. The reason I'm excited for this one is because of the Linux type OS. Many people don't like windows on small handheld gaming PCs so if this OS is really good, this might become one of the best gaming PC handhelds in the future. We shall see.

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