The Origin of the Australian-Engineered Y62 Patrol Warrior: Nissan Patrol 2024

welcome to Prem car’s manufacturing facility in eping Victoria where we’re going to see how a 2024 Patrol gets turned into a warrior and see what it’s like out on the road so let’s [Music] go the first step is probably the most transformative for owners of the patrol because it’s the interior the warrior looks much more modern and a lot more Chic in here than the regular Patrol because it does away with the mtled grain trim and replaces it with a whole lot more black which just suits this car’s Vibe so much better the best part of it is at the start of the production line all of the Interior Plastics like down here and up in front of the driver and the passenger are removed but instead of chucking them out and getting new pieces made they get refinished and refitted right at the end of the production line also worth calling out because the ny24 debuts it is this new multimedia screen that replaces the tiny and ancient thing for 2023 patrols it does look pretty aftermarket in software terms there’s not that much of a Nissen slant on what it looks like to use however it is fairly neatly integrated and you retain all the functionality of the center stack that was there before as mentioned the rest of the my24 patrol range gets the same multimedia system you see here it includes Wireless smartphone connectivity for Apple and Android products as well as integrated heemer off-road Maps but does Usher in a $3,000 price increase other niceties on the TI and Warrior include leather accented upholstery power adjust seats 18-in alloy wheels and safety gear such as AE Lane departure warning adaptive cruise control and six airbags the T has lost its Bose sound system for 2024 thanks to the upgraded head unit audio quality suffers still the T does add heated and ventilated seats a sunroof a different front bumper design and driver’s seat memory the next step on the line are wheels and tires the standard Alloys are whipped off a patrol TI and replaced by these 18-in Prem car sourc items wrapped in Yokohama geolander at tires which are pretty chunky and I think look really good as an interesting tidbit for what happens to the old wheels and tires the Navara SL steelies go on to become dealer spares the Navara Pro 4x’s Alloys are then offered as a dealer option for regular Navara SL customers and the patrols wheels are shipped off to the Middle East where they find a home as a spare part the other great thing about this process is that premar actually takes the wheel Arch liners out of this thing refits them Cuts them up and makes them work with the larger wheel and tire package rather than buying whole new items that saves money and it also saves environmental waste it’s an interesting thing to save environmental waste on a 5.6 L V8 but I’m glad premar is doing it along with the lift from the wheel and tire package there’s also a 29 mil suspension left but it’s not something simple like Prem car just fitting longer Springs the original items are taken off and sent off to the Metal scrappers they’re then replaced by clever triple rate Springs in the back they higher spring rate so the vehicle is firmer but they also absorb small bumps better and they increase the GBM of the patrol Warrior by 120 kilos all crucial things and of course it retains its 3 and 1/2 ton towing capacity to match the new Springs premar has extensively re-ed engineered the Patrol’s hydraulic body motion control system instead of anti-roll bars this system uses hydraulic pressure to adjust the valving of the dampers depending on the situation think of it as an alternative to Toyota’s rollar disconnect systems such as kdss and eek kdss hbmc means the warrior can ride smoothly over high frequency bumps minimize body roll in Corners all without sacrificing wheel articulation the cool tidbit about that is when it rolls down the production line the fluid is drained retained and then used again in the same car there’s no waste in this Prem car [Music] Warrior that’s the theory on suspension but how does it work in practice uh very well actually just to give you the the short of it we’re on a little dirt road now and yesterday we took on some fairly technical off-roading I guess what you’d call Blue to sometimes red routes and uh yeah the patrol is it’s really effortless there’s so much clearance the 40 mil wider track also makes it feel more St stable on the road the firmer Springs with the adjusted ride frequency means that it just it’s amazing the difference in the steering from the suspension tuning and we were talking to uh Bernie Quinn yesterday about this about how important it is that the suspension supports the steering system because it’s not just here it’s the whole car that you get the feeling through the road in and so you can just make more confident progress in the patrol Warrior be it on dirt be it on Road it is honestly just so much better than the regular Patrol in the way it rides and yes it’s still not perfect of course it’s still a heavy car it has non-adaptive dampers so you know there’s not the sort of Technology you get in a I don’t know call it a Mercedes or a BMW large SUV but this isn’t that car this is an off-road vehicle it’s a touring vehicle and honestly you could jump into this drive from Sydney to Melbourne to Adelaide onroad or off-road if you wanted to and I think you yeah it’s it’s just genuinely genuinely fit for purpose yes the steering system could be improved even further but that’s I think coming in the next generation of this vehicle because yeah what Prem cars managed to achieve with this suspension tune is yeah really really impressive and of course it’s more capable off-road too you got a bit more clearance you got a bit wider track so again extra grip extra capability but of course what we love is the new botal exhaust which uh sounds awesome through the whole rev range it just just wakes the patrol up of course you got standard all wheeel drive and clever traction control and rear diff lock and all that sort of stuff that’s all standard um well not rear diff lock sorry it’s a rear helal limited slip differential but yeah I think hopefully you can hear it on the camera just how good the um the V8 sounds when it gets to breathe a little bit more freely out here it’s pretty cool uh but if you can’t hear it what I’m going to do is now cut to what it sounds like outside when it’s cold uh and revving because yeah it’s um it’s hard not to make that quite a big quite a big point in this car because the patrol is characterized by its engine um when it goes to you know potential very likely V6 in Next Generation form well it’s going to be interesting Patrols definitely going to lose a little bit of its character but hopefully that engine still sounds pretty good anyway enough blabbing we’ll cut to the exhaust now so you can hear what this thing sounds like sitting still and revving so one thing premar hasn’t bothered fettling with is the engine the Patrol’s 560 NM and 298 KW 5.6 L V8 remains untouched there’s plenty of aftermarket options out there to increase the power not least super Supercharger kits but premar didn’t want to mck with regulations and increase the power of this vehicle and potentially affect warranty claims in the future premar has two production lines at its eping facility one for the Navara Ute and the other for the patrol the most affordable Warrior is the Navara SL from just under 60 Grand and at the other end of the spectrum is the $104,000 patrol Warrior you see here we’re promised very high quality control standards with random spot and torque checks and the workshop itself is very clean teams organized with obvious health and safety procedures in place smoko though is thankfully alive and well and when we turned up the workforce was on a quick break all heavier catch up some snacks and some cigarettes it’s good to see each sign produces between 15 to 16 Warrior products each working day with minimal waste to dat premar has transformed just over 10,000 nissens into Warrior products the majority of which are nvar Utes but the patrol is certainly proving popular much like the cabin Prem car has banished any crr from the front of the patrol Warrior you’ve got this lovely black grill here and then the reprofiled bottom part of the bumper not only AIDS the visual appearance of this vehicle but beneath that we’ve got a warrior branded bash plate as well and the resculpting provides 40° of approach angle which is pretty awesome for this class of course though I’m probably going to like this car quite a lot because as you can see I’m dressed much like the color scheme of this car black white and orange but regardless of my person opinions I think we can probably call the premar and Nissen partnership quite a success it’s been going on since 2018 now they’ve sold 10,000 Warriors and it looks like the relationship is just going to continue in a positive manner the two Brands seem to want to work together premar has a lot of passion for this kind of thing and the products are really really good here’s hoping we see the products continue into the next generation of Navara and Patrol that are due sometime in 2025 because with new underpinnings and new engines I think premar is going to have a real good chance at taking these to World beaing vehicles of course make sure to head over to [Music] e

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    Some very expensive superficial tweaking, it's not a production line as the vehicles have already been produced by Nissan, as you can tell I'm sceptical 😅

  2. Lol mans crosses his arms when he turns steering wheels. LOL have to share roads with someone like this

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    @7:18 mark, has Premcar got rear directed exhausts as well as side exit exhaust pipes?

  4. @tempestv8

    Is the tyre pressure monitoring system retained?

  5. Here's another revised version of your statement:

    I am concerned about the safety of the car design. The infotainment navigation screen is mounted too low, which seems like a lazy approach without redesigning the dashboard layout to accommodate modern Android Auto/Apple CarPlay demands. I worry that this positioning takes the driver's eyes away from the road for too long.

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