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The Outbound Ghost is an adventure RPG about helping ghosts ascend to the afterlife. The town of Outbound is, quite literally, a ghost town – a home to troubled spooks with unresolved earthly issues, condemning them to an eternity haunting their old ahem haunts.
Battle the past, gain new abilities, solve puzzles, and uncover the mysteries of Outbound to help its unliving residents find peace, freeing them from the shackles of their ghostly limbo.

• Colourful characters: Meet a lovable cast of spooks along the way, each with their own story to unravel
• Combat encounters: Unlock figments of your past personality, such as Regret, Benevolence, and Jealousy and use them as party members in turn-based battles
• Badge system: Craft materials earned by winning combat encounters into badges, which can be equipped for various effects and stat boosts
• A world in 2.5D: Adorable, paper-style characters inhabit a world with depth and detail to create a distinctly eye-catching visual style

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  1. Worraps

    Sony! Why u RIP Ps Vita, its game be cool on portable console

  2. Ibn Renders

    what's up with this song? Doesn't fit the gameplay and graphics at all

  3. Dragon

    If Paper Mario and Final Fantasy head a baby this would be the outcome

  4. Marcin W47

    is this a ps5 game or a watch game? this generation is a tragedy, you release such turkeys instead of a new generation game. two years and only remasters or turkeys. and I've been waiting for a console repair for a month, your service in Poland is a joke, they took my console and gave me a used one. and now they don't call back. I already have enough playstation 5!

  5. Gouldfish44

    Looks like a great Paper Mario homage. Also reminds me of Cult of the Lamb.

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