The Perfect Portable Speaker and Holiday Gift – Sanag RGB Bluetooth Speaker

Sanag RGB bluetooth speake
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  1. Samuel Williams

    🎉 I would love to have this speaker in my apartment….Columbus Ohio!!!

  2. ian hadlock

    Dude i saw this on Amazon. it looked like my go 3 love that speakers bass, volumes pretty decent but the battery is Trash it says 5 hous, but on max volume 2 hours this has 18 hours? For the same price as the jbl. Totes getting this now. Thanks for keeping an eye out for ya boy this Xmas

  3. annie

    I’ve been meaning to buy a Bluetooth speaker for some time now. I’ll definitely look into it. Plus, it’s White Shoes approved. Thanks for the review!

  4. Rose88

    Adding like 3 or 4 of these for a few people and one for myself, I can’t lie 🤭 thank u, Flossy and Shoes! Happy Vacation and thanksgiving week!

  5. turd ferguson

    if white shoes approves, i approve. so gonna give this one a try.

  6. MyDawgHasGrillz

    Aaaaaww Shoes is feeling affectionate. She says $10 surcharge if you want kitty hair on your speaker. 😺♥

  7. roger shahan

    I love this ! I've had it since day one bought it off Amazon then got it from AliExpress since they have more colors .. I can't wait for the Android app since it's only ios atm

  8. Romeras600

    FLOSS the Boss! Speaker gna be sold out after you click like & subscribe

  9. Mærk

    Jbl sound quality is good but their battery is rubbish basura trash. I had the flip and the clip and both their batteries couldn't take a little overcharging. Flip battery gave up after a few months and the clip battery just wouldn't charge in a few days.

  10. I need this for my son for his phone this would be a really good gift for a cheap price 😍

  11. J2S Tha Artist

    GOD Blessed Everybody's Family's Blessings Favors Blessings More Blessings We Going Up In Life GOD Is The Greatest ❣️❣️❣️

  12. Train boy

    Hey how’s white shoes hope u have a happy thanksgiving

  13. Noam Golian

    Floss we haven’t heard a word about zesty drake man😂😂

  14. Jim Lucas

    Love the vids man 🤘🏻. Is that speaker cat fur resistant 2.1?

  15. Pawel Pawlak

    Hi Floss. I have a request, what is the music at the end of Your presentations.

  16. Ken1030

    Just order 2 of those. The blue and the green as gifts for me! My lady got my Tribits so I needed something else and Floss delivered!

  17. 606

    What was that first song you played? That was dope

  18. Ben Russell

    Will make for good stocking stuffers and secret santa gifts. Thanks, Floss.

  19. Deivi Josue

    Nothing like getting off work and watching some flossy carter. Feel energized again 🐰 🔋

  20. JaneLee Keller

    Thanks Floss 😊.
    I've got to have one 🔊 😮 !

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Everybody on your Channel – Shoes too 🐾🐾 ,
    JaneLee – in Suburban Philadelphia.

  21. Charlie Espeleta

    hey , good review , just have a question, how far c an you have the speaker before it runs out of signal? im a living room time of guy and play music from the charge port in my room

  22. @Eldare

    Shoes is on fire in this one ❤️‍🔥

  23. Mary Madigan

    Nice buy for that price would be great for my son loving the RGB lights . Shoes was so funny with his tail giving it his stamp of approval nice one flossy you always go our back on these products come the holiday season thank you flossy much love and appreciation from Ireland 🇮🇪😎👏

  24. Shane Da Cowboy

    I think a comparison video between this Sanag RGB Bluetooth Speaker and the JBL Partybox 1000 will be an amazing video!!!

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