The PERFECT way to lay out a Photography Book

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  1. Ivan Trajkovic

    I just got an used D850, and this video gave me a ton of ideas…. Thanks

  2. Jaz Grc

    This series has changed the way I look at Instagram Carousels 👀😁

  3. Paul Mcbride

    Ted, many thanks for yet another inspiring video. Admire your endeavours as you are great at cultivating an inspired community of us photographic souls 🙏

  4. Mark Goostree

    I come to learn and see photographers that are far advanced from my skill set. I am just a hobby photographer. As long as it continues being fun, I'll continue to shoot.

  5. alex ds

    I love this series so much but I also gotta say, Ted, you owe me like $500 bucks. I keep adding featured books to a photobook wish list and it's getting expensive to keep buying these amazing works of art.

    Jokes aside, as someone who truly loves photography and looking at other peoples photos, this series has given me the inspiration to seek out photo books from literally anyone. I only looked at Adam Ansel or some photographers on YT but never sought out other peoples work. I spent hours looking through Esty zines and adding them to the Wishlist which I can't wait to start going through and purchasing. I also realized in this process that zines are a great way to share work. Far less pressure of perfection than a full book, far more free in terms of content and expectations and they are usually fairly cheap. Some are hand made by the photographer which adds a very personal connection to the work.

    Thanks for continuing to do this awesome series! Can't wait to send you a book (or zine) of my own.

  6. R J

    The beard is working. Gives you that "wise elder" look, and based on your output, that's a title you deserve!

  7. Abe Bell

    Nice photo book reviews!

    Any recommendations for photo book printers?

  8. Richard Nugent

    Hey Ted, Enjoyed your presentation (as always). However, based on the title, I expected it to be more of a “how to”, not your usual discussion of books submitted by viewers… Soooo, how about doing a session that does fit this title? I for one would find it most useful as I am trying to put together a book (or a zine?) myself. I need some info on basics such as: Book or zine? Number of pages. Which binding? Paper choice? Layout considerations. Etc. Thanks.

  9. Abimael Linares

    You should definitely keep the beard. It looks really good. Thank you for the tips on the book making. Having a book and my photos in an art gallery are 2 dreams that I hope to accomplish someday.

  10. michael mottlau

    I love your book reviews and critique and your awesome beard. Have a nice day.

  11. Gabriel Moreno

    From one beard brother to another, I love the beard. It’s interesting to see how people play with the different spreads. I personally love full spreads because I want the full impact of the photo. But I also enjoyed how the white space draws the viewer’s eye to the image. Reminds me of a matted frame and gives me something to think about on future projects.

  12. Steven

    These are so pleasant to watch

  13. I love this series as I am continuing to get ideas on how to lay out my first zine🙏🏼

  14. Mike Manning

    I really enjoyed these book/photo reviews. The photographers should be proud of the work they have done. That beard fits you although I don't know how much you'll like it once that Texas heat start cranking up again.

  15. Rodney Brown

    Great video Ted… that I live in FW, your my local favorite on here…. Be Well and have a great Thanksgiving….a bit gloomy in FW today….but hey…

  16. J S

    I would like to make a photo-zine, but my photos aren't so coherent. Mostly, I shoot what I see and don't go out with a purpose. But more and more I think I should give purpose so at the end there is a story.

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