The Problem with the LG Gram (2018)

Dave2D review of the Z980 LG Gram. The best laptop for portability from LG. Lots of upgrades including a thunderbolt 3 port but there’s a problem for certain users.
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  1. Dave2D

    It's cool that LG upgraded their laptop again, but I feel like they were cutting corners this time. A thunderbolt 3 port is only so useful if your CPU throttles. Thanks for watching!

  2. Walt Barrett

    No 2019 update? Or have they left it the same from 2018 to 2019?

  3. Renzo Leturia

    Your cons about the laptop seem being pros. Is that video sponsored?

  4. Larry Litmanen

    What a stupid review, this guy doesn't know what people want or need. Who the heck buys an LG laptop and games with an external GPU? Thunderbolt 3 is great, most people have no devices that use it, it's is new connection and very few people have actual use for it.

    Also 8 screws? What percentage of people actually upgrade laptops?

  5. lion

    be cause it is not for gaming , but for being as light as possible

  6. scripteaze

    Hi Dave, What a lot of people dont know about "some" of the manufacturers is that they are building for China and China doesn't pay for features. We just happen to buy the same product and we are in a country that pays top dollar for quality.If they build for us, china will not buy it, if they build for china, we both get to buy. I know this because the company i work for in located in Taiwan and ive been at this same company now for 8 years. 2:31 Im now hungry for pancakes..

  7. Naqqash Dilshad

    i want to ask 1 question,,,, how you create such cool intro logos ?

  8. Chang Daniel

    LG need to come up a product for gaming community, this gram certainly for power user on the move or a bit of editing work.

  9. Not A Rant😐

    I'm trying to figure out was the video helpful or informative because if your not planning on gaming then?

  10. Batmen Beyont

    Would placing the laptop onto a cooling stand solve the thermal throttling problem when using an external gpu?

  11. Steve

    An extremely lightweight laptop with world class battery life and it's not the best for playing games. Well duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  12. KukkiTaekwondo

    Try gram 17 2020. I am looking forward to review the product.

  13. S

    Proof that he actually sits, aha

  14. OxionG

    I can't game on this non meant to play games device.

  15. Sayan Dip Dhali

    I will be using it for python programming n machine programming n artificial intelligence.. can I?

  16. Shujaat Chaudary

    This is just a view grabbing stunt. An excellent laptop built NOT for gaming but it does everything else really well. Most pointless video

  17. Vicen

    You forgot the horrible customer service problem DON'T BUY IT!. I had an issue with mine, it has been 45 days and LGE does not even know where is my laptop. This is the worst possible customer services that I ever had in my life, so I can only advise everyone to avoid LG on the USA.

  18. Sutika Hideo

    Please review gaming laptop with many questions with dell G5 using AMD and Intel !

  19. Marc

    You know what's funny in this old video? Not that the ultrabook itself can't be used for gaming, but that the results he used as an example all shows crazy fps (upwards to 157!) in a 60hz IPS screen…

  20. Y G

    hi Dave, is there a way to upgrade the GPU fan on this laptop?

  21. Joshua

    me just playing overwatch with this -_-

  22. Lee Zxalilh

    Just get the Lenovo Yogabook C930 for a lighter experience

  23. Thor Audin

    Pourquoi il y a pas les sous-titres en français

  24. Sajjad SM

    Test LG gram 2021 with external GPU please 🙂

  25. YigitBCesur

    How can we fix the extended display? I can use any screen to display. I appreciate your support from now . Thanks

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