The Quarry Review – The Final Verdict

Ultimately, The Quarry isn’t trying to do anything new. On the contrary, it feels like a return to its roots for the studio. Leaving behind the experimental storytelling that Supermassive focused on during its Dark Pictures Anthology, The Quarry focuses on a smaller story, but one that ends up feeling more engaging and human, thanks in no small part to phenomenal acting and gorgeous visuals.

While its gameplay isn’t going to set the world on fire, it does its job in adding the right amount of tension and giving just the right level of interactivity for even non-gamers to have a good time. The Quarry is an all-round good time for anyone that loves a good horror romp, especially for fans of classic horror.


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  1. _ Win

    This review is so boring lol

  2. What I'm basically getting from all these reviews is just this game will be the until dawn of THIS generation. Like, anyone who never played until dawn will get the same experience from that game in this game..

  3. GameMasterpg

    One of the way's not to see Spoilers, Is watching from down here in the comments not seeing the video. If you're on PC

  4. j Green

    I dont who the character is at 4:25 but she can be the first one to go with those ugly ass animations. Just looks rather annoying.

  5. Ryan Venter

    Isn't there supposed to be one more game for the first Dark Pictures series and then a whole other second season?

  6. John Keane

    Why are all their games filled with these incredibly unlikeable characters…
    Is it toake it easier to enjoy it when the potentially get killed?

  7. E V

    A 70 dollar movie ticket for ps5 😂

  8. Fernandes

    i don't care about spoilers, someone just tell me already, is this another hallucination bullshit or is it a real threat?

  9. Looks good, but Im more of a open world mmorpg, survival, sandbox fps, kind of gamer.

  10. Daniel Rivera

    Pre ordered I've played a few games of these genre including until dawn and I really liked them

  11. I like how you say former WCW CHAMPION, but for those who hated that David Arquette was against winning it but since so many people hated on him I highly recommend watching You Can’t Kill David Arquette he actually wanted to clear his name in the world of professional wrestling so he went back and earned his name. So if you hate him for that go watch that documentary


    Nice mention of the WCW Champion even though it was 1 of the dumbest decisions in wrestling but still not a fact not alot of people know ide of bought this game for £30 no way ime paying £50

  13. Ezzatullah Ludin

    I more interest with horror games.
    I played some awesome horror games like :- The evil within , The evil within 2 , Kabus 22,
    The conjuring house , Silent hell,
    Dead Space 3 , Resident Evil all parts,
    Land of the Dead , and else and now I m waiting for eternal Evil game

  14. gmfitzg

    whats up with all the long pauses in this video review? Annoying

  15. There are way too many pauses in this review by the narrator. Very jarring. Could have been cut down quite a lot.

  16. Richard Royce

    70 dollars for a movie??? Cmon man … this is disappointing

  17. Dr.ChungusPhD

    Their eyes……..there is something wrong with their eyes. Or I’m I crazy?

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