The Razer Phone Turns Into A Laptop… What?!

Some impressive hardware from Razer this CES including a really cool concept called Project Linda and their new Razer Mamba Hyperflux – the best wireless mouse from Razer!

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Fili – Pressing Forward

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  1. Dave2D

    Razer's CES hardware is always cool. Thanks for watching!

  2. Jaguar

    Just as I was saving for the blade, They announce Project linda. Great. I already bought their damn phone, Now I'm going to buy that damn chassis. I hate how much I want itttttttttttt. Also that mouse is pretty sweet. I use the Mamba TE already and I love it. So I'm looking forward to using that one. I'm not looking forward to dropping 200(? Maybe more?) on it.

  3. Kenzo

    the most expensive touchpad ever

  4. Seohwi Kim

    Wow what is the wallpaper on the laptop at the thumbnail??

  5. NewBread

    Subbed because he seems very insecure when he said "sub if you loved it"

  6. thebattlerocker

    project linda reminds me of one of my old phones, the padfone.. it was a phone that you could just stick in its pad and make it become a tablet phone thing.. sold it after a year since it kinda got really hot and had to wipe everything off :/

  7. Chad Thundercock

    What if i accidentally lay the razer phone the wrong way around… Wil the usb c drill a hole in it

  8. Common

    0:45 How to get fingerprints 101
    Step 1: Buy this when it comes out for sale.
    Step 2: Use it.
    Step 3: Done.

  9. n0tjohnlocke _

    honestly Apple should do something like this considering how crazy A11’s performance is

  10. MutoreoCookie

    Laptop manufacturers are you taking notes? I want a touchscreen display as a touchpad that would be badass.

  11. Peter Sailer

    What they should really do is put a GTX 1070 in the laptop so your phone contributes CPU power and the chassis contributes GPU. That way it would be easy to cool, though they'd probably have to add another port to the phone.

  12. Mandy Png

    What wallpaper is that in the laptop (i know there is a wallpaper called duelyst whistling blades but this one is close up looks better in my opinion)

  13. Master Ed

    I can't wait until the flying mouse is made by razer

  14. Asa

    Tbh it would be amazing if the phone acts as a cpu and the laptop "chasis" has a dedicated gpu inside it

  15. Al

    Pointless innovation. They should just stick to making gaming laptops if you ask me.

  16. spenzee

    If thay can ad a graficks card and 4gigs ram to add to the fone for an extra 12gig ram it wil ne nice and ao for grafiks probibly a gtx 1050 to make it awesome

  17. Karl Massie

    this has been done b4 with a different phone big deal

  18. Qasim Ahmed

    Well, are mobile processors really that good already? if no, then this doesn't sound like a good idea, though it really looks cool,. I just don't see why anyone would use it.

    Instead of this, Developers should focus on "integrating" the mobile into their ecosystem, like showing your character stats on your mobile, so you can enjoy your character and the environment of the world you are in right now. Or an "all time online" app for your mobile phone, so you can see, if your raid group has finally come together, so you can return to the console/computer. A chat-app for each Game, so you can write with your friends "ingame" without being online.

    You want to use Android Apps on your Computer:
    Why would you do that, is my first question? Second, I can't think of any App, that doesn't exist in some form of fashion. I would like to see Developers work on a mirroring App similar to Chromestick, so basically telling your Computer from which server to load directly to evade lags (onlne games) and still use the Phone for something: game controller, showing stats or anything else.

    For Office (or any other case):
    wW have cloud, why bother connecting your phone at all to a computer? You can have access to your data from everywhere.

  19. JB TECH

    When is this going to be released?

  20. Bennett Temple

    This is going to become much more practical because of windows always active laptops using Snapdragon processors

  21. Jason S

    holy fucking shit. so buying a razer phone and that when it comes out. LOVE IT. GENIUS. bravo to that company thats some good thinking and developing.

  22. snookie2000

    But why ? I mean i can just go buy a gaming computer this i not a game changer and why havent they developed a dex option for razer phone

  23. London_Nomad

    I mean, as a bundle containing the phone and Linda, for a reasonable-ish price could be a good deal.

  24. YogiJogi HK

    I like this concept. They should apply this into a Windows 10 laptop so that user can use dual OS mode.

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