The REAL Affordable 'MoonWatch' – The Bulova Lunar Pilot







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Thanks again to Peter for the loan of his boxfresh special edition Lunar Pilot. Definitely one for the space nerds in this form, and space nerds with big wrists who like big watches, I fear. I tried again, but it is just not what I like to wear. I’m really looking forward the smaller version in April. Cheers, Jody


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  1. pablo rages

    I thought the 262kHz movements were +/- 10 secs per YEAR !

  2. Notatrueinfj

    I think the spinning subdial allows for 1/100 sec approximation, because it is readable between the marked tenths to give a second number like .25, 47, etc.. The band is too short and falls out of the keeper, though the band looks great. Th PVD version was a steal at half the price of the SS date version, about 2 years ago. Looks great on my 7.25 wrist.

  3. Jozsef Izsak

    That is a beautiful watch but it's more for collectors than daily wear. I imagined getting the satin one and the later model with the original font and no calendar just to swap the movements and then sell the polished case and calendar together. Seeing the polished one made the whole idea seem silly since it's not a clone of the original Universal Genève anyway, but a high tech, larger diameter homage and it looks very nice with the old style font and no calendar just as it is. Some of us have small wrists but really like big watches and that, fortunately, is allowed! 😊

  4. Razor Burn

    Well done to Peter for the loan and a really enjoyable review Jody!

  5. Shaun Michels

    Chipped my sapphire crystal in quick time. I love it but could be better.

  6. Mr. Morris

    If the new one has shorter lug to lug length, I'd be in. …When I tried one on last year, that is all I could think about. The watch is amazing but it's just too long (I have a 7 1/2 in wrist).

  7. JCBarber

    I like the colours and I don't mind a big watch. I'm not really into chronos though and the moon schtick doesn't mean anything to me. Seems like a watch someone would buy and then never actually wear but keep in a box somewhere with all their other moon paraphernalia.

  8. Funny! I just saw your review on the Citizen Blue Angels World Chronograph, I happen to have one. And now the Bulova Lunar Pilot 50th Anniversary! I also have one!!! 😂 For some time I was thinking about buying the original one with the two straps (not the bracelet). But when this came out it was that for me and bought one for my Christmas present!
    I am a big guy so I don’t have issues with its size.
    I put a black and silver stainless steel bracelet (inner links black, outer ones silver).
    I agree that the hands are sometimes lost in the dial…
    Anyway I think it’s a nice piece with a solid lunar background.
    Saludos desde Chihuahua!😂

  9. Andrew Duckworth

    Have you seen the dual needle bulova apollo 11 accutron chrono buzz aldrin special. Much better size and eta movement. I have one and it's beautiful

  10. Terrance Steiner

    I used to own a watch with the same movement. A Bulova Sea King Chrono. It was a super accurate movement and the battery lasted forever. I think I had it for 4.5 years on the original battery. I swapped the battery before I sold it but honestly I didn't have to. The one draw back is the size of the movement. It huge compared to most quartz movements, really limiting how small they can make the watch using it. I'm guessing that is why the reduced model will still be 43mm.

    I do really love the grey and gold color sceem. That one surprised me. A really gorgeous watch but probably too big for me, which is why I sold my previous Boliva. White I have a 20cm wrist my tastes have gotten smaller over the years.

  11. Awkward Horology

    I made this exact point during my SOTC the Bulova lunar pilot has real lunar credentials and is much better made for a similar price point. There’s no contest, I have both and honestly the moonswatch is just sh*t!

  12. Tom Kindschi

    I've looked at the "normal" version more than once, but shied away at the 45mm size. But 43mm? Still sounds a bit too big. But maybe it's not possible to cram all of the dial markings and/or movement into a 40 or 41mm case. Bless them for understanding the issue with most of us, anyway….

  13. Duncan Hamilton

    I'm a large human being, and I just couldn't get on with it all day. Beautifully finished, great design, but just too large. Flipped it after a few months.

    Odd that you didn't mention your LP experience 🤔

    BTW – Where's the The Citizen review? Want to add one to my collection this year, and waiting on the JOMW review first

  14. TheMainCore

    If the first one wasn't so over sized I would buy one in a heartbeat. But as it is, it's just not an option. Damn you, Bulova! Maybe the 43 will work?
    (Oh, and this version was gorgeous!)

  15. Louis s

    Why God why havent they decided top release it in 40mil? Ich have a 6.5inch wirst and i do own the Seagull 1963. It fits my wirst perfectly and i think i could handle a 40 pretty well. Other than that i love the lunar Pilot

  16. Maximushornet

    Such a lovely caseback RUINED by the strap going across it ..madness ! And too much gold meh

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