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With Spring on the way, two things are certain: higher temperatures and crazy allergies! Lucky for us, Dreo has a solution with the new Dreo Air Purifier Tower Fan. It has a powerful fan to cool you down and true HEPA filtration to give your allergies a break. Let me show you what the Dreo Air Purifier Tower Fan is all about!

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  1. @Gabriel.Santos

    Is it me or does it look like a Dr. WHO Dalek machine. Lol I like it! 😆🙌🏻

  2. @boboso7238

    I’d put the DREO in my bedroom since it’s on the 2nd floor of my house and where my office computer resides. Also closest to my house AC intake vent.

  3. @DivineLitany

    I would love to win so that I can purchase one of these dero fans. I have really bad seasonal. Been also looking for a fan like this that has the ability to really circulate the air around my apartment since my windows face south and so it gets pretty toasty. Be nice to cool the apartment down quickly at night to a comfortable level and breathe clean air!


  4. @dexterie

    Yeah…but the Dyson looks way better and its quality is proven.

  5. I would put my DREO, if I win, in my room to hopefully help with allergies and cooler sleeping temperatures in the summer. 🙏🏾

  6. @Yukikaze617

    I have asthma and a Dreo would be ideal in my bedroom

  7. @tattooedchick24

    Hope you feel better soon Jon. We are currently fighting the flu. I imagine a Dreo would help clean the air of germs. @tattooedchick24

  8. I would like to upgrade the basic DREO tower fan in our bedroom to this one with the air purifier as my wife has found out that she is allergic to our cat and this might help cut the dander from the air.

  9. @lumineris6579

    Would put the DREO in my bedroom to fight allergens for my gf

  10. @mattbaiamonte

    Would love to put something like this in my kids bedrooms for the summer time! We have one AC unit for a 3 level home so we always use fans! Also go Rams! Big Puka Nacua fan.


  11. @GiovanniL3rain

    Thanks for the review! Greeting you a happy easter! 🐣 That fan is definitely needed during summer 🌞 @giovannil3ain

  12. @jligutanz

    If I win I would definitely buy 3 dreo fans. 2 for my room and I would put one at the living room. Gotta get ready for this summer heat 🥵 Still waiting for the dreo max to go on sale so I can finally get one. 😭

  13. @cboesel

    Use it in bedroom, take place of Dyson junk

  14. @itsjovsed

    If I win I would use it here in the Philippines because it's too hot here right now sheeesh 🔥 🥵@itsjovsed

  15. @dunknmoj

    Man I love your videos! Been watching your vlogs lately❤ $500 would be a huge help for me since I'm just a student and I don't hav a laptop to use for my studies. I would buy one if I get it. @dunknmoj

  16. @jrmbtr

    The links in the description are 404.

  17. @George-gp2vt

    Could use it for the new tires that I need for my car. 😂

  18. @DinahErika

    Partecipare a questo discorso è come intraprendere un'avventura intellettuale, in cui ogni commento porta a nuove scoperte.💚

  19. @GiadaPeles

    Questo dialogo è una testimonianza della curiosità umana e dell’incessante ricerca della comprensione.💖

  20. @dman7895

    thanks again jon! @jonathanrmedina could use for my home office, as it gets stuffy in here!

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