Wind the clock back to 2011, a time where digital media was still in its infancy, where the live service fad was barely even an idea, and it’s easy to see how unique of an experience the original Payday was.

When its sequel launched a couple of years later, it represented another major step forward for the franchise, and in spite of its own struggles, over the coming years, with consistent support, the co-op shooter managed to turn itself into something of a juggernaut.

In spite of the success the series has enjoyed, however, with Payday 3, it has very much taken several steps back, with significant issues holding back its design in a number of ways. Here, we take a look back at the history of Payday so far, how it has let itself down with its latest release, and whether it can still make a recovery in the months and years to come.


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  1. Martin Riggs

    Paycheck 3 should have been released at a later time. It’s so bad lol.

    I’m on the PS5 and still don’t have my preorder or gold edition items. There’s just so much wrong with this game. The only good thing I like is the new engine and how smooth moving is. That’s it. Everything else is a downgrade.

  2. I didn't try this game for me o for the chan, but it always attrached me.. anyway

  3. DeRico

    Disappointment aint even the word for Payday 3

  4. Iain

    Just checked the Steam player counts for Payday 2 and Payday 3.
    Right now:
    Payday 2: 20,000 players
    Payday 3 : just 846

  5. Eastyy

    I find it sad as the company had issues and payday 3 was a second chance to make things right….and they did not

  6. Robo Cop

    Yeah cause payday 2 was a game full of content after release. You people don't know anything bout nothing

  7. I don't really understand what everyone is complaining about sure payday 3 has issues but they are fixing them and I actually think the game is fun to play

  8. NoSlipUps

    I think pay day can be a great title if there willing to invest a way larger budget but if not then it'll continue to be stagnant

  9. FallenActual

    I felt this video was nearly a matter of time since payday3's launch, just thought it was gonna come from GVMERS not GamingBolt but none the less good vid.

  10. Underdrill

    Posting this soon after they just announced the first promising update is certainly a move.

    I'll be back here in a year when the game is still alive and well.

  11. Kai Kiske

    Day 1 on Gamepass is it’s biggest sin against the universe. 😢

  12. Bob Britch

    game was fun for a few weeks, then it becomes very repetitive

  13. Fall? Way from a fall.

    Ps5 guys yeah that sucks.

    Payday on release always had issues at launch. Yes I want so much more but changing engines and all the new ways you can tackle a heist.

    The leveling system is crap yes but a mistake they learned fast. Plus if people looked up you would know we waited on the up date because there was a chance that it would wipe you're progress. Idk like other games give it six months.

  14. Anthony Robbins

    Online only is garbage no matter what. Mmo games… sure. Fps games … gtfo

  15. reggiep75

    They need to do a 'No Mans Sky' to PayDay3, or lose trust and gamers

  16. Honestly Payday 3 should have stayed in development for another year. Then it maybe could have released as a decent starting point. Now it's just shyte.

    But even IF they fix some things with it A HUGE swath of us fans of the Payday franchise will not buy it because it's always online …
    Thing is I'm pretty sure that Payday 3 will be the inverse of Payday 2, a success on consoles and a MASSIVE FUCKIN FAILURE on PC.

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