The Rolex Nickname Based On A Lie!

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  1. Robert

    Whilst Rolex make brilliant watches, many things attributed to them are completely not true, Rolex did not invent or create anything they got other people to do it. They are a third-party watch movement company- nor did they invent the Oyster bracelet, buying those companies years later, does not mean anything you have to invent that stuff yourself like jlc – the crazy reality is Rolex are way behind companies like Longines and oris when it comes to heritage, pedigree and actually creating anything, it’s all about marketing.

  2. Jack

    The watch world would explode if they reintroduced this design into the lineup. Would be a very cool way to bring back the 40mm Explorer 2 size. I know that’s a long shot but would still be incredibly cool.

  3. That's not the only time something is attributed to Rolex that isn't true. Edmund Percival Hillary wore a Smiths watch when climbing Mount Everest and not a Rolex Explorer as is widely believed. He was indeed in possession of an Explorer but had left it behind in base camp.

  4. I have never heard it called that, and couldn’t give a damn if it was (but I just about trust you still)!
    It’s probably my least liked Rolex. Joint last with the Yacht Master (I am in complete denial of the YM2 🫣) so it could have been said to have been worn by Tom Hanks for all I care 😂

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