The Samsung Note 8 Is Probably Not For You.

I’m gonna skip the review on the Galaxy Note 8, but here are my impressions of the best phone from Samsung with dual camera and the s-pen.
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The Cheap Note 8 –
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  1. Dave2D

    The Note 8 is nice but the launch price is absurd. Thanks for swiping right and watching my stuff!

  2. Adolf Mark

    930$ is an absurd price ? This shit is around 3700 TL in my country. My monthly salary is 2000 TL. 930$ is nothing for you.

  3. MutoreoCookie

    I'm that person that would use the extra camera the 6gb of RAM and sPen.

  4. Toby mak

    What is the point have 12 GB Ram on a mobile. I think is like a powerful pc or tablet.😇

  5. Toby mak

    You can buy a note 8 less then £700 in Hong Kong. I got my at $6999 in Hong Kong dallors.

  6. Toby mak

    In the u.k when at its launch was £850 for the 64 Gb model up.You pay more in the u.k & the u.s.

  7. End C30

    Shit I'm watching this video on my new note 8 and loving it🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    @Dave2D, now it's around 33k in india in 2019, should I buy it? Or go for op?

  9. TsunaXZ

    I quit the video right after he said the first minute of the video

  10. Suparno Banerjee

    Lol bought a new one for 300dollars few months back for my mom…its totally worth the money…the display is unparallel for this price segment

  11. 박훤니

    Wow 5k unlikes from isheeps😆😆😆😆😆

  12. Lowell Madrona

    I have note 8 here its very nice hardware smooth games like pubg ros mobile legend

  13. Garrett Reyman

    Damn Dave, you ripped on this phone that has way more useful features for the money, then bought the overpriced iPhone X? I know I'm two years later, thanks YouTube algorithm

  14. HallowedArcher

    I am considering purchasing a refurbished note8 for the specs and price its hard not to take notice of, not a bad deal for 520 aussie dollaridoos or about 350 usd

  15. DazCooKieZ

    mid octover 2019: average prices are between 250-350. definetly worth it for a high end!

  16. R. Daniels

    Why no review of the legendary Note 9? If you can't review Note 9, I may have to leave your channel behind…

  17. 阿九

    寫中文標題 卻講英文

  18. It's been 2 years since the release date and I bought a used and barely cracked Note 8 for only 150 euros. Still an amazing phone

  19. Richie Mohanty

    I bought my Note 8 back in 2017 for $580 new. It was a deal for black Friday. And depending on your carrier you could get all sorts of deals. My previous was an iPhone 6 that cost $20 more than my Note 8. It been 3 years and I can realistically see myself using this phone for another 2. Overall, it's been good value for money. I see a lot of flagships reaching gaming laptop levels of pricing now and I doubt I'll ever buy another flagship Apple or Android at full price. With the modest increments in tech every year, it's not worth what these companies are charging.

  20. Happy

    IN 2020: wow that was a cheap phone

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