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The SUPREME Custom PC!

I made a Supreme build in the LOUQE GHOST S1 – an awesome ITX case funded through Kickstarter and manufactured by a passionate team from Sweden.
Keyboard –
Mouse –
Case –

The LOUQE GHOST S1 is an adaptable PC case designed to be compact, clean, and extremely efficient. One of quietest mini PCs you can buy with great cooling performance. The case can be expanded with “TopHats” to fit even more components into the case. If you enjoy modding PC cases then this might just be the computer for you!

Music Credits:
Background: Fili – Up Coast

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  1. Dave2D

    I really like this case. I'm prob gonna pick up another one and do it in teal. Thanks for watching!

  2. Bojan Petrović

    Quick question-I need help will this case fix ATX motherboard with Its top hats???

  3. Turquoise Greene

    I might get this. It's pricey, but I want to transfer my mid tower into a mini atx and with this case I only need a new mobo and psu – which will actually save me money…

  4. Magallan Simp

    I am so jealous of supreme… No offense but those shirts with the logo sells so much… Omg… And it isn't that detailed but makes a lot of money

  5. kyle cai

    Best thing is, this case is meant to be lowkey as you can tell by the name of the company and the name of this case, and it literally says it's meant to be not showy in the website and Dave just shoved the Supreme logo on it which is like the most showy thing ever

  6. peter esk

    where can i find or order this orange box

  7. Rundik

    you don't have to add the supreme logo, the case already have supreme price

  8. PinoyG

    Update this to Ryzen 3000 series + RTX 2070 Super or RX 5700XT.

  9. Normanomicon

    Looks like some shit got smeared on the front of your Ghost S1 :/

  10. Etienne 777

    I want one without cables, the way apple did it.
    The orange reminds me of prison.

  11. Jerome

    Supreme gpu, cpu, ram, hdd, ssd and power supply next.
    Oh yeah a dvd drive as well…
    But dont forget the cables, gotta be with red fabric cuz rubber only is for the poor and the supreme logo.

    Almost forgot the rgb gotta be red x white only cuz its supreme or even better make it illustrate the logo under the case

  12. Derek Meester

    How did you get the supreme logo to be 3 dimensional? Doesn’t appear to just be a sticker or painted on.

  13. yonoseespanol

    Hey Dave, what is the steel lamp you have in the background?

  14. Novus Sunseeker

    Hi Dave. I just build a new PC in a Ghost S1 Mk3. I have the silver one but the top is black. I'd like to paint this white as I think it would look better. Did you do any prep before painting?

  15. Malin Yamato

    I am a woman and pls tell me how did u get a red one?

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