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this is what it turned out to look like booyah [Music] [Applause] [Music] battery depleted before you buy a house you think it’s going to be like who super nice to be able to live in a house I just can relax and chill out during the summer but then you realize that it’s during the summer when you can do everything outside the house also been getting some questions regarding the pool and the concrete slab is in place as you can see right here but the approximate cost to be able to build this pool is somewhere around 50 to $70,000 that is money that I do not have in my pocket I’m going to take you through the entire process of how to build this whenever we do that because I’m planning on building it on my own which’re is going to be sick but at least we got the solar panels up and boy do they generate power 17 KW in total I’m probably going to evaluate these over the summer where it’s the most Sun here in Sweden and then towards the fall at some point I’m going to give you a summary video and so of like my thoughts thoughts on having solar panels installed and there’s probably going to be a lot of videos of me fiddling around doing a lot of DIY stuff here you know I am still thinking about how I’m going to optimize this entire setup and I’ve gotten into this weird and bad habit that I’m looking at the screen instead of looking at you whenever I’m you know setting up the camera it’s kind of strange because I’ve been doing this for so long and I’m getting back into the bad habit of looking at this screen or monitor or whatever you say I haven’t been making enough videos lately I can feel that but I kind of need your help to drop some comments on what you think would be cool to have in the back here Optimus and Megatron they’re not going anywhere but what are we going to fill fill the space out with I want to make it little more bit more home home 75 [Music] [Music] I think Amanda summarized it pretty good she said now we don’t have just interior we have an entire outside to take care of as well I got to buy a high pressure uh water blower this is my dad’s time to get one of my own [Music] how do you like the new cap it’s like a glove yes sir [Music] I did a quick visit to the studio today and uh picked up a couple of things along the way so we got little bit of wood over here we have a box here and then uh here in the back we got something that I’ve been thinking of for a long time and something that I really really really need for myself one of the things that I realized here in the garage is that I do not have enough camera location I only have one at my desk but that’s pretty much it nice so I ordered two new VAR Pooles and one of them is going to be placed right here and other one is going to placed the initial plan was to have this mounted here and then attach a ball joint head to this but the ball joint head has a bigger thread than what this screw is taada yeah so if my plan works as intended then we have an entirely new angle that is pretty much covering the entire garage say for example that I want to record a video where me coming in from the door today we are going to make a video that is going to be about how to set up your camera in your home studio with a battery Pula the only thing that is missing here would be some sort of lights so maybe we’re going to mount some pavle tube here to get a little bit of a better face light so now we’re going to try to mount a light here that goes out and can be used down here I’m using these things I have no idea what these are called but basically you just click them in like so tight it with a screw but now it’s in [Music] there come I do think that something like this is going to be great this is what it turned out to look like Booyah I think it looks pretty good it definitely looks like a different kind of setup mainly because I’m using an 85 mm lens all the way across the room and I do think I could go a little bit tighter maybe like 135 but that would then we wouldn’t be able to get the entire background with the logo oh nice the print is done nice I think I’m going to put this right around here that’s nice you see how tiny amount of space this takes up compared to having something like a tripod or ver pole this just mounted to the wall and this is the result it is very simple to adjust I probably would have adjusted it so that it gets a little bit more further out from the wall but I wanted it to be sturdy and not break on me so that is why I did what I did angle it this way and then we like over there and then went this way being able to have a camera here is absolutely going to help me make a little bit more engaging videos feels more natural to be able to have all these places where I can just move around so if I move from this place over to here it’s going to feel way more Dynamic and you’re also going to get a sense of how the studio looks like whenever I’m recording videos and that’s why I had a lot of different camera angles in my previous Studio to make the videos feel more alive and the fun thing is that before I started to do 3D printing this is how I made the solution of mounting cameras to the the wall so what I did was basically just put two of these plates together and then kind of same principle but very sharp edges and not as goodlooking as the black one that I just printed and it’s also great to be able to have this camera angle whenever I’m doing talking head here at the desk because then I can switch from this camera angle to that camera angle making the talking head setups a little bit more engaging as well and whenever I want to have a top down shot we got the camera mount it up here I mean it’s starting to turn out just like the vision that I had before I started building this bace I honestly do not think that I would be able to have this entire setup unless it was for both nanite lights but also the very Poes to be able to mount all the things onto the poles because instead of having C stands taking up a lot of space on the floor now there’s nothing I think that one of these poles is around $200 but they are so freaking worth it can highly recommend it I’m going to do a couple of tiny changes to the wall mount but if you want to download that and print it on your own 3D printer link this in the description oh God so I was doing a health check a couple of days back or a couple of weeks back and uh I have high blood pressure and a high cholesterol which means that cardio is the best way to get rid of that so I’m going to start doing cardio every other day from now on that’s their mission at least

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  1. @ameribrakic

    Amazing, loved the video! Hope algorithm finds a bit love for it too 🎉

  2. @fjouper

    You could do a timeline on the wall with your favorite shots or favorite momens in your career.

  3. @DrSidewayZ

    This man has that atmos ninja star weed eater 🌾

  4. @tylerjanik2132

    Impact varipoles are amazing. I have 2 but now I want more. Great video

  5. @tommymejiaen

    Eat less bread, deep breath before eating and do not stress, you are eon the right direction, loving the new videos 🙂

  6. @DieselD

    I love your videos, they pull together so much diy, camera gear, how to shoot and so much more. Defiantly gives me idea and so much motivation to go out and shoot and try different things. Thanks for all these videos, keep it up!!

  7. @YaleWall

    Thanks for sharing the wall mount stl. I’m for sure going to put one of these in my studio.

  8. @JonAdamsTech

    Man these videos remind me of the golden years of youtube, half vlog half informative video. Solid stuff Peter!

  9. @LennonZFPV

    For the wall… I would make it like a tool wall. Except custom hang all your travel gear.. like a gun rack or peg board for tools but with cameras, lenses and drones. Mosaic style

  10. @aaphotofilm

    Great video, amazing studio, funny thing is i found what you said at the end very interesting about high blood pressure and calestrol because thats the same reason why i started cardio lol what a coincidence

  11. Lindgren on a Monday: I feel like making an action movie

    Lindgren on a Tuesday: I think I am going to build my own YouTube studio

    Lindgren on a Wednesday: Ahh, 50k Pool, I am just going to "build it on my own"


    Everyone else on a weekday: "mouse click, mouse click"

  12. @AndreSjoberg

    That pool slab space though … Get some AstroTurf on there covering up the concrete, some inflatable pools from Clas Ohlson, a couple of beach chairs, a small table and a couple of beach umbrellas and you're good to go for a couple of years 😀

  13. @JOOMATV

    Love your videos man! You are an inspiration to me!

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