The Ultra Clean Laptop Setup

Some clean and minimal tech accessories to upgrade your laptop setup!
Laptop Stand –
Display –
Lamp –
Headphone Stand –
Mouse –
Keyboard –
Cyan Keycaps –
Laptop skins –

Background Music Fili – Pressing Forward

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  1. Dave2D

    I'm really liking the vertical laptop setup. I dunno why I never built my setup around one before. Any of you guys docking your laptop vertically? Thanks for watching!

  2. Auggie

    What's the skin that Dave used for the Mac, I really liked it

  3. Betaflame

    You didn't say what laptop you used, but judging from the footage I saw, I'm pretty sure that's a 16" MacBook pro.

  4. Abdulkarim Jabal

    Actually you can adjust the lamp temperature by press and hold then turn the main button without the need for any third party apps

  5. chipsalotZ

    bruh this dude is so minimal that his messy desk still looks nice



  7. Tigeristhebest

    How do i know if my gaming asus laptop can be closed and put on a vertical stand??

  8. Nathan

    Jesus. Outemu Blues?
    Dave, how often do your neighbors file noise complaints?

  9. 2cool0

    can anyone tell me where he gets those led tube lights in the back? I remember him posting a link for it in ikea but i can't find it anymore in ikea

  10. Couldn0t take out my eye of your watch! Could you please tell me what model / brand is? loving this video btw, the logitech MX white mouse looks dope

  11. kchiang4

    Don't really trust Amazon reviews anymore. The company pushes certain products to the top, and the sellers inflate their products with fake reviewers. At the end of the day, you're trusting your choices on all Amazon recommended stuff.

  12. Isaac Young

    why single monitor? if i wanted dual monitors in this exact setup.. would that fly? run well for office?

  13. Little tip for everyone who doesn't want a set of speakers on their desk.. I've been using the Google Nest Mini for over a year now and it is connected to my desktop via bluetooth. Minimal delay, minimal looks, massive sound (works for 99% of the stuff that you would do in an office).

  14. kusochibi

    How do you turn on the laptop when its on the stand tho

  15. Belén Resto

    Sorry, for $600 & you’re not even getting a 120 MHZ display? That’s ridiculous

  16. Stသvn

    The app isn't just design for the Lamp tho, that's why it asks so many permission and it also why it's called Mi Home, not Mi Lamp

  17. Jian Chao Lee

    How do I power up the laptop if it sits in the stand with its lid closed?

  18. rensanity

    3:25 FYI, they also make nailcutters, TVs, electric scooter, nailcutters, rice cooker, earphones, and did I mention nailcutters?

  19. Shaanan Rod

    what is the tabletop material can anyone tell? pls

  20. Hi Dave. For the laptop stand, when you open it up, I noticed that the laptop will not be fully padded as it sits. Will it scratch the laptop?


    Love the stand dislike the lamp 😇 but love your setup overall man! 👌😃

  22. Lola Gay

    The straight closet sporadically chop because yak feraly replace under a lamentable persian. brief, alluring cooking

  23. Adrian Anzano

    I have that Xiaomi lamp and no, i did not install the app either, you can change the color temp by using the knob at the front, usually it changes the brightness or turns it off/on, but if you press it down while rotating, you can change the color temperature, just a heads up.

  24. Arnab BhanjaDeo

    Dude A really cool setup…. You look like David Archuleta from American Idol

  25. Suhaas Karavadi

    What do you do when you have to charge these wireless devices? Won't your desk be full of cables then too?

  26. Tu Nguyen

    How can I boot up the laptop from cold with the laptop lid closed?

  27. Supreet Singh

    Hey Dave you should start a separate channel for VLOGING. I would love to follow.

  28. Emin Jafarov

    Can you check whether is it possible to power monitors via a Type-C port from the dock station which has a power delivery option?

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