The Vacuum That Saved My Condo!

Thanks to Dyson for sponsoring this video! Click here to check out more information on the new Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute. (US) Canada

The new Dyson V10 Cyclone Absolute is a beast of a machine and performs way better than I thought a handheld vacuum could.

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  1. Dave2D

    I'm so glad this thing performed well. That dust storm was a nightmare. Thanks for watching!

  2. g h

    what city is that?

  3. Squarc

    When u challenge yourself to pour a bucket full of dusts in ur room, then attempted to get them off. But when u done, u don't even get something near half of the bucket.

  4. LouisChiaki

    I have already tried the V10 and really love it. It is indeed much better than those traditional big and heavy yellow ball vacuums. V10 is much quieter!

  5. Shahed N

    You should make a a video about your Apartment man.

  6. SockBot

    hey i just wanna say when this came out i thought it was a great vid. always cool to see a youtuber excel outside of their comfort zone in terms of filming.


    Can't believe you covered this gorgeous and perfectly neat and clean condo with dust just for a short vacuum video

  8. Laniel Biakeddy

    At the time some of the best you tubers did this product and labeled them all sell outs. Same thing with the whole best of few 2020 deal too. It’s like they were all put up to the same thing at the same time. You are better than this Dave.

  9. ET Himself

    When I buy electrical things in general I check with Consumer Reports as they take No advertising and are completely independent with the only income coming from customer subscriptions. This is not a knock on this vac. I have an older Hoover Upright that tested better than most HEPA vacs even though it only is tested as a High Efficiency vac. Consumer Reports clearly stated this because it had a near perfect bag seal while the HEPA vacs. had much less of a positive seal either bags or bagless. I paic 159.00 CAN and suing the Bank of Canada Inflation Calculator this works out to about $234.00 today. I can't remember the cost of the HEPA vacs. but likely at least 2x the price.

  10. psxz1

    ahh, the old sellout video

  11. Connor Cole

    All that dust and on a MacBook Pro keyboard, not the best combination 😂

  12. ClassyCactus

    He must have been given tens of thousands of dollars to do this.

  13. Jas

    why does this look like he's behind a green screen

  14. Amr Attia

    hey Dave, what are u using for curtains in your place?

  15. sahil brar

    The part where he spread that dust, physically hurt me

  16. Atorb Tech

    Hi Dave! did you upgrade your Dyson to v11 ? Please do an update video with the new V11.

  17. Nicolas Busse

    This is a Man of Focus, Commitment and Sheer Fucking Will. Wow Dave. Wow.

  18. Mark Mathosian

    Nice that you keep your condo super clean. 👍 p.s. I can’t believe you spread all that dust around your condo. I would absolutely NEVER do that. LOL

  19. M P C

    Probably should have moved the laptop 😂

  20. JimmyCryz

    Why does it feels like he is photoshopped in in the apartment

  21. namcicle

    I feel like Ive never seen Dave so freaked out until now

  22. GO _

    Lol u should probably wear a mask. That was a lot of dust 😮

  23. AK

    I don't care if this was sponsored. But I hate what you did to your clean condo! Physically cringed.

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