The watch I wore most last year

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  1. Pulsonar

    More watches should be made with Tungsten like this Omega Globemaster. A seriously tough metal that barely shows signs of wear is bound to encourage people to buy n wear even as a daily.

  2. Booze with Nick

    Ok, the tungsten bezel is very cool. Congrats on the grail purchase!

  3. J.di Eason

    Yea that’s prly a 4-5 thousand dollar watch. What’s the best watch for 5-7 hundred?

  4. Peter Pang

    The first sight catch my eye on this gm was in last year at a pool of omega watchs, the bezel is so unique, this gm is so unforgetable and I finally have enough bullets to get the blue dial this Feb and changed it to a custom made khaki color strap, what a super love time piece😊

  5. Burt Macklin

    "yall gotta watch more of his vids so he can fund his turtle neck n watch addiction lol*

  6. Sean Martin

    I've yet to see this particular variant in an AD, but it's very cool. My wedding ring is made of tungsten carbide, so I definitely have an appreciation for the material.

  7. Jason DeGraw

    Mine was the tissot seastar 2000 turquoise dial & the panda Speedtimer Seiko 🫶

  8. SørenH

    Lovely watch! I’m not going to have 500k subscribers so I might start looking for another excu…reason😊❤

  9. bullitt411

    Lovely piece, definitely versatile. I think my most worn was the BB Pro but would love to add an Omega to the stable.

  10. Anthony Stevens

    I have to agree I love this watch but I guess I'm biased as I have it but on the blue leather strap. I'm tempted to source the bracelet at some point but the strap is weathering really well over the years so it hasn't been a priority so far.

  11. DeJuan McGuire

    After reading a post on your Facebook page about your most worn watches, I thought about what watch I wear most and started an Excel spreadsheet to track my wears. I am an engineer so I like data! As I suspected, my most worn watch to date in 2023 is a blue dial Citizen watch that resembles the watch in this video. I happen to be wearing it today!

  12. King Belsey

    i like the sweep on the seconds hand ..Yes a nice piece.

  13. Kevin L

    Can you carry this, the white dial, and some select models in your inventory?

  14. Caleb Simard

    would you wear it swimming and feel comfortable? I know you can, but it is not a screw down crown.

  15. Wisam Al-Hakim

    Lovely understated watch. Belated congrats on the 500k subs. A worthy prize!

  16. Alan

    Can you pleeaaaaase just show your whole watch collection already😢

  17. Blake Star

    The lugs & the bezel are horrendous 🤮 should have got the aqua terra instead

  18. İlkerYT

    That blue dial is on a Grand Seiko level

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