The Worst iPhone X Unboxing EVER!

I didn’t want to make any iPhone X videos. I wanted to open my phone and enjoy it personally, but Lew and Jon are a bad influence. Extra love to Jon for filming this thing. Check them out!

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  1. Dave2D

    If you watched the entire video, you deserve a medal. I wanted to skip on iphone X videos and just enjoy the experience but instead this abomination was born. Don’t hate me. Thanks for watching fam =)

  2. Son Vu

    I like it, its kinda like blogging.

  3. Ginger Ninja

    The guide to being Lew on Unbox Therapy
    1. Shout obnoxiously
    2. Wear a hipster hat and hoodie at all times
    3. Pull ridiculous faces and open your mouth wide whilst looking at the different cameras
    4. Shout the key words “WHAT?!” & “REALLY?!”
    5. Call out other people in the room and casually insult them
    6. Use your hands to drum on the table for pointless B-roll and jump cuts
    7. Slag off Apple, the company that made you!
    8. Needlessly reference Jack regularly

    Thank you, now you know how to be Lew.

  4. Noman Afzal

    I don't know why i didn't leave this video in middle. smh

  5. Samuel Tan

    I oddly love this kind of unboxing. You really need to do it more often lol, it feels authentic and uncensored. Btw, have been enjoying your computer reviews recently. I'm a phone guy but a definite newbie when it comes to PCs. Cheers!

  6. Bread Leg

    All the new iPhones are just pure shit now

  7. Booboo

    wow and we thought ours was bad Dave

  8. Riot Johnson

    "Its not about the views. I just wanted to experience the phone the way normal people experience it." -Dave Lee
    And thats why we love you and why youre so different than every other techie on youtube. If you dont sub after that then…

  9. Shantanu Singh

    Best video ever !!😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Never enjoyed any Unboxing video this much !!!

  10. Mike Casper

    Hey man.. I just finished the entire video in 2019. This video was on my recommendation on YouTube.

  11. DC

    yep. definitely the most honest person on the internet. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    you're the best Dave!

  12. Marlon Hermosada

    Dave is such a pure creature. Please protecc at all costs.

    I think I may have a thing for him. 🥰

  13. Filip Papoušek

    I just saved 800 euro as a student and i Wonder if i should go for Iphone X or iPhone XR …which would be better Now? 🙂

  14. Muba

    Dave is definitely the most natural and likable YouTuber. Terrific dude.

  15. Weakhero

    Aight, I'm gonna say it..
    Lew is annoying

  16. Anxyte

    Dont mind Im just checking back because im bored

  17. D_N_M

    Respect for 0 cuts. You did add some bleeps, tho. XD

  18. Rishi Bhardwaj

    I like these kinds of videos man! Hangin' and Chillin' without a PRO setup!

    It just needs a bit of editing for the colors that's all I'd say, other than that, this is like HANGING OUT with you guys and experiencing it with y'all, with a GENUINE reaction.

  19. Gwen Milvar

    This is literally my favorite D2D video now he's adorable af

  20. impendio

    I’m a huge fan of you both, watching this in 2021 from my iPhone 12 Pro Max, lmao.

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