The Yellow RGB30 is Beautiful (Quick Review)

There’s a new color option for the PowKiddy RGB30, so in this video we’ll take a look at the color, check it for any hardware changes, and talk a bit about what makes this device so great.

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00:00 introduction
01:10 unboxing and impressions
03:33 color comparisons
05:01 teardown and hardware mods
09:41 why the RGB30 is great
11:33 summary and conclusion

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  1. kohahh

    It's only the screen which makes it somewhat unique right now. Everything else is not really that good.
    In the footage, the device looks cheap(because it is). The chipset, although decent for the price, is still old and slow.
    The shape of it doesn't lend to good ergonomics, actually the opposite. Needs to be more rounded with enough space for bigger buttons like the RG ARC.
    It's a skip for anyone who isn't sucked into the fad of collecting these devices just to show off on reddit. I'd buy it if it's of higher quality. Otherwise there is no point if you have another device.

  2. A2Z

    Q: I just got mine and the volume doesn't work in the games, it's stuck on max. The volume works in the screensaver videos (so it's a settings thing). Is there a setting in Retroarch I need to check?

  3. starflek

    I have the yellow retroid pocket 2+ ând it really looks alike. I love this color 🙂

    I would like to pull the trigger on buyning a rgb30 but my 2 main retro machines are GBA and SNES … so it is not the best handheld for that :/
    I like the retroid pocket 2+ but I hate the non symetrical buttons (i know the retroid pocket 2s maybe the answer … but I love the 1:1 screen, so satisfaying)

  4. Mr.D L

    Damn, now I regret getting blue.

  5. Radical Dog

    I think you've under-reported the issues with battery and charging. I know you've covered it in your written guide, but for the majority of your audience it's getting glossed over how annoying it can be to get this to full charge!

  6. Saif Choudhury

    Yellow is what got me to pull the trigger on an RGB30—it’s my favorite color, and a stunning choice for electronics. Then, lo and behold, I see a RGC video in my feed, providing the necessary validation for my impulse buy! 🤣

  7. cocoalabs

    I really love my RGB30, even more than my analog pocket! My gripes with the device:
    It's super picky about what USB-C charger you connect it to.
    When I power it off by pressing the power button, there's still a power drain (regardless of what mode I have the standby in) so it drains every time and I end up coming back to a dead device. Otherwise it's pretty great.

  8. pwnswoggle

    I disagree with “it’s quite comfortable to hold”. I love this thing but it’s extremely uncomfortable, more so than any of my other handhelds and I have a lot

  9. SydeShowJoe

    Russ, another solid, quick to the point review. Can you just do reviews on everything for us? Kitchen appliances, cars, tools, etc. 😂 I got my RGB30 from Amazon, didnt want the wait. But seeing the yellow in your review has me intrigued on a second one. Q: if we dont have a second powkiddy handheld to steal hardware from, any recommendations? Thanks as always.

  10. zachman893

    I love that yellow it looks my retroid pocket 2+ in yellow ❤ ughh I just bought an Odin 2 though I have to be a good boy 😅

  11. Powkiddy is certainly the tinkerer and modder's friend. Would love to see them finally release a really well built and polished out of the box product. this looks like a step in the right direction.

  12. L G

    What do you think about this for playstation games, as well as GBA? I haven't seen a ton of footage for those on this device. I think I'm pretty sold on it for 16 bit and earlier for my tastes.

  13. Colin Rowlands

    The idea of this handheld didn't grab me at first, but the ongoing enthusiasm from various reviewers has more than won me over and I ordered one during the 11.11 sale.

  14. Gordan Babić

    I can't believe you actually made an entire video on a new color option for a cheap chinese device

  15. Majoras

    these companies need to release solid green shells

  16. RobyMicrobi

    I just got my yellow RGB30 as well but I am slightly dissapointed. I got a screen with 5 small dead pixels and a lot of backlight bleed. I read on forums that many people get this issue with RGB30. I would have like if reviews including this one would also mention this problem, because Powkiddy is clearly shipping units with screens that have defects. Maybe this is why they are so cheap after all….

  17. Andrew Wilson

    Another way to describe the colour is similar to that of a typical north American school bus

  18. Arrowdodger

    I like the yellow color a lot. It stands out in such a nice way compared to the seas or greys, whites, and piano blacks.

  19. SahabatGamer

    This device with six face button and strong enough processor for saturn and dreamcast would be amazing.

  20. Wuggle

    Personally I have had nothing but trouble with my Powkiddy RGB30 which is now basically a useless paperweight. The first Powkiddy device I have purchased and definitely the last. Their support was a total waste of time and they used any excuse they could to send me around in circles in the hope I would go away rather than acknowledging the product was defective and accepting a return. I am now in the process of disputing the transaction with my credit card company as I can see Powkiddy think because they are based in China they are above other country's laws as regards consumer protection. If my comments make anybody reconsider and not buy one of their products, my work here is done. Save your money and buy a better quality handheld.

  21. CAPMAX Gaming

    Bro, don't rub it in! 😭
    Tries to still enjoy his dark blue RGB30

  22. Digitizer

    Thanks for the review Russ❤. Powkiddy is my fav budget handheld brand

  23. Thorn Tech

    Hmmm… I want something like this but this one doesn't seem right for me… Something about that screen size I'm not a fan of.

  24. watchmejumpstart

    Looks same colour as the yellow gameboy. Was a more golden reddish yellow

  25. Jesse Kime

    I wonder what Anbernic handheld Russ is basically Chop Shopping to make the RGB30 more enjoyable.

  26. Billy

    Do you prefer this one over the X55 ?

  27. Soupy

    I have this and love it, but it still feels cheap (albeit it IS relatively inexpensive so that's fair). I'd love to buy a premium RGB30 with the same overall aesthetics and components, but a higher quality casing / feel.

  28. Joe Tillman

    I can't seem to keep my eyes off the RGB3O… if/when I get one I'd go with the yellow to match my Playdate!

  29. Jordan King

    The issue I have with these handhelds is they cater to a certain niche market. I mean there are a lot of people that would play 8 bit and 16 bit games, but the nostalgia goes away when you want to play something more powerful.

  30. Fuwano Shouta

    I love so much about this device except the controls, especially the D-pad. I haven't had a case of Nintendo Thumb this bad since the 90s when I first got NBA Jam.

  31. Martin C

    The yellow one looks wonderful! If you need help to get it off your hands I’ll be there for you!

  32. Garathnor

    what that FROG GAME is at the beginning, it looks fun?

  33. Chris Pofahl

    Yellow is the one I’m getting. Was gonna go for the dark blue but that yellow is nice. Very cheesy 🤌

  34. RowdyRod

    Russ, I really don't want to buy another gaming handheld 😂

  35. BrotherSan

    Does someone know where to get rubber membrane? I have a miyoo mini plus and the right button of the D-Pad is a little bit sticky

  36. fermio100

    Why don't you use nail polish instead of electric tape?

  37. Salisbury Fox

    I Hear music playing in the background. That's not the best for me to listen while I'm trying to hear you

  38. Ian Kelleher

    I love my white RGB30 but the yellow is fantastic. It has a great colour pop and nicely balanced with the black controls. I think a teal or turquoise would work well too.

  39. Tom O'Brien

    I got the yellow version too, and also thought it looked like Bumblebee color, like it could just transform into a robot. So far, I love it. Your RGB30 starter guide was awesome and helped me get set up in no time.

  40. Ben Jacobsen

    stoked to get mine. I got it for $58 shipped from aliexpress for 11.11 and couldn't not try it for that price. I'm generally a vertical guy but I want to see what this screen is all about.

  41. Raphtor13

    Not a fan of the yellow but really like my black RGB 30…used your setup guide to tweak some settings and am very happy with the device.

  42. Pedro Ferreira

    Hi Russ! I have a request: can you make a video where you pick your favorite(s) handheld to pick up for each game system (snes, gba, ps3, pc, arcade, etc) ?

  43. Ben Alvis

    man I follow prime, noodles, and a few others on these things. Your the Goat at this. nice! 🐐🐐🐐

  44. David Liao

    I am so tempted to get this for OG games. I may hold out for a flip version to fill the GBASP shaped void in my heart.

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