There’s Too Much Hype Over the Note 9

My Samsung Note 9 review is coming but here’s an unboxing and first impressions on the device. The Note 9 has an updated pen and is one of the best performing and best looking 2018 smartphones.
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With a Snapdragon 845, a massive 6.4″ screen, 4000 mAH battery, and a new bluetooth enabled S-Pen, the Note 9 is one of the most powerful phones in 2018 but these are very small improvement over the previous year. Note users get early access to Fortnite for Android

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  1. Dave2D

    The Note 9 is a great phone but it's CRAZY expensive for what you're getting over the Note 8 or S9+ . Is it worth that extra $400 to you guys? What are you replacing with it??

  2. Jonas Amante

    What? U basically love ipad pro when note9 can do as much functionality as ipad pro (pen, notetaking, drawing) and more? Lmao what. It's a 128 GB model when apple would even charge u like 300$ more for that kind of storage. Overpriced psh 😒

  3. big mode

    Your voice is so amazing and has great relaxing qualities. I suffer from severe anxiety and watching/listening to your videos genuinely calms me down. Initially subscribed for the tech reviews and ended getting so much more.

  4. Mark Rids

    No one:

    Tech kids: There's Too Much Hype Over the Note 9

  5. Chris K

    I've just "discovered" you. I was impressed with your excellent presentation and analysis of the Samsung Fold Phone issue.
    I'm expecting the arrival of my soon be delivered "renewed" used Note 9 which is an upgrade from my "limping" inherited Note 5.
    My wife was the techno-geek and started us down the cellphone/smartphone path
    including the early "Notes". She really liked the S-PEN.
    I'm 71 and am not a fluent computer/smartphone user, BUT since I'm now retired I hope to gain some respect from my two tech-savy children.
    Hence the foray into modern communication skills on the phone.
    I've been reading lots of Note 9 operational YouTube instructions, wish me luck!
    Thanks for your lucid comments re: Note 9

  6. Zero

    I'm not worried with getting the note 9, I've got an s7 active so I've got better battery life than it

  7. athish rukshan

    These guys never say don't buy apple its same design same boring notch style blah blah

  8. You are note fair with your reviews … you try to sound like one but … deep in you you aren't … sorry man but that what i see
    Iphone X 999 and all the features are the same from the iphone 5s except for the face id and the stereo speaker … and its good for you because you are an iphone user ….. and please count the tens and tens of features on the note 9 or 8 or what ever note you chose all of them cost the same 999 now

    Did you have been fair! With your reviews ??

  9. Murtaza

    dude the title you used and the things you said should have be about the iphone series

  10. sasaugebun

    like someone force him out of sleep to do this video. Just dont do it

  11. mehmet gurdal

    Dude you should check the prices in Turkey.
    Note 9 is the best phone you can get for 5000try; stereo speakers, a ton of power, a damn good battery and gorgeous display.
    Well sure you can get s9 for a lower price but you'll loose some battery.

  12. Кто-нибудь знал, как найти белый вариант ?
    В моей стране только что получили черный, синий, лавандовый, металлический медный

  13. Design Counts

    Totally disagree. Stylus encourages creative right brain thinking. iPhone is nothing but a consumption and Touch or Face ID powered purchasing tool to fill Apple's already huge coffees. I have had all Notes and the 9 is outstanding.

  14. Savage Panda

    That's why they didn't sent you their folding phone 😂😂😂 unlike unbox therapy this guy is legit that therapy guy was just praising Samsung maybe bcz he gets shit load of money from them

  15. - The1trueharf -

    Linus wouldn't think so 😹 I got it for a steal of a deal on an upgrade plan so the price was not really a worry of any phone once I get one 😹🤟 I only get a new phone if mine is too broken like my s7 got random restarts and then it perminently died and I had to replace it. I would wait to get this lower after some time if you can not get a good upgrade phone plan.

  16. Nun Nil

    3:42 I just realized that it was the Angkor Wat in Cambodia ! ❤🥰

  17. Ish 2.0

    I don't think he's impressed by the phone

  18. KuroBushi

    Samsung always drops their prices though, cough apple cough

  19. jamjr1972

    its December 17th 2019…I'm on an s8+ and I'm getting the N9 for Christmas, yippie kai aye!!!!!

  20. 69M viewsn't

    This guy is complaining about Note 9 having features and stuffs.

    what the actual fuckk?

  21. victoria grant

    I am just going through some of Dave's old videos to get an idea of the type of reviewer he is. So far, I like what I see, and the amount of negativity in the comment section for this video is kind of baffling to me. Dave literally says "it is the most powerful and feature packed phone on the market right now," also "it is the best android phone you can get on the market right now." He talks about how good the screen is, the battery and more. For the most part, his "meh" parts of the review were for features that he specifically said are not really useful FOR HIM. The only really negative thing he said was that he thought the price was too steep and even clarified that by saying that if you are someone who is "price conscious or value conscious" he would skip that phone, then clarified even more by saying that the reason he thinks that is because usability of the Note 9 is so similar to earlier iterations that are hundreds of dollars cheaper. He never said it was a bad phone, just expensive for what it is. And it is (was) expensive. I wish I were here when this video was new. Everyone with something negative to say probably watched this video with assumption that he would love it and endorse it and when he didn't, they accused him of being unfair. I would suggest everyone to watch this video again without their personal bias toward this phone and actually listen to what he is saying. And yeah, he may have IPhone, but a year after this video is made, he is still rocking the IPhone SE because even the new Iphones are not enough make him spent a total of $1000.

  22. An iPhone user calling Note phones "crazy expensive"… That's rich bro. For one the iPhone x was the original thousand dollar phone. Yes the galaxy note 8 was $950 but you're spreading misinformation and did it just because you're more comfortable with ios.

  23. Jovan Markovic

    Buy some toy for you and play with it if to you this phone is too boring 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. JROD

    Got 2 Of These Phones. Midnight Black and Cloud Silver. Both 8gb/ 512gb – Unlocked. 👍😎👍

  25. bohnstube

    2 years on and this phone is STILL in the same league with today's flagships (certainly for MOST consumers) at roughly now 1/3 of the 2018 original U.S. m.s.r.p. price on the "renewed" market. Is basically 1 or 2 more of arguably the phone industry's best quality cameras, a tiny bit larger screen, incrementally longer lasting battery life, the needless for most consumers additional RAM, and more factory added storage space which one can add for themselves at a fraction of the factory installed price, the LACK of capability for a wired headphone connection, LESS audio customization, and LESS pixel density, really worth the 700 dollars plus (U.S.) additional cost premium of a new Note 10 or of the newest basic version of the Note 20? That's why I just bought myself a beautiful, indistinguishable from brand new, fully unlocked, renewed Note 9 for less than 350 dollars (U.S.).

  26. Me Too

    2 years later and that title sure hasn't aged well. Best phone of the past few years, hands down.

  27. Geo Dug

    Download/stream link for the intro song

  28. Coolfred

    The note 9 seems to be one of those phones that's held up really well years after release. Linus from LTT still uses it as his main phone doesn't he? I'm thinking of getting a note 10 because the note 9 is too big for me and the note 10 is smaller.

  29. Best ever NOTE device created by Samsung. Note 9 is my daily driver from almost 3 years now. I love this phone from every angle. Worth every penny. Yeah…..I feel best note even in June-2021. Will enjoy it thoroughly for couple of years. 😍🥰

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