These Mixed Reality Glasses Are CHEAPER Than Apple Vision Pro!

Mixed Reality is here and can be useful for getting work done as well as relaxing. In this video I compare a pair of mixed reality glasses to the recently released Apple Vision Pro.

Disclosure: The VITURE glasses were provided to me for testing, but the manufacturer had no input over the content of this video.


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  1. @WorkFromHype

    TLDW: These glasses ARE NOT a replacement for Vision Pro, but they do share a few key features (Spatial Video, 3D Movies, Virtual Macbook Screen) for a WAY cheaper price.

  2. @FlameSoulis

    Eh… one issue is that the Quest can do its own work. You need to remember that you need to bring your laptop along, whereas I just need the Quest Pro and a keyboard.
    Otherwise, as a second monitor, it looks 'okay.' Also, not sure how well this would work with my already existing glasses, which work fine on a Quest Pro, but not HMDs like those.

  3. @fennsk

    These can be used with any device that can output to a 2nd screen, right? I appreciate the brevity of your video, but this seems like a point with emphasizing for those who don't keep everything in the Apple ecosystem.


    these are more futuristic than apples vr headset

  5. The video title is ridiculous. Of course they're cheaper. Most everything in the VR/AR space is cheaper by comparison.

  6. @litjellyfish

    Ah so something without any spatial positioning at all. Which are the key point of Apple Vision. Like comparing a formula one car racing with a static not moving old Skoda. Yes. Great comparison. Thumbs up

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