These New Gaming Laptops are 50% Faster!

Coffee Lake H gaming laptops are here!!! These 6-core laptops are the best gaming laptops yet. The hexa-core Aero 15X, MSI GS65 and the GM501 reviews will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

Note: The 7700HQ is 4core/8thread (not 6/12 like i flubbed in the chart)


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  1. Dave2D

    It's been a long time coming. These new laptops are awesome =) Thanks for watching!

  2. Maaruf Vazifdar

    Sir I live in India and I wanted to purchase a gaming laptop for both gaming and college. I work with solidworks and ansys at college. I have 2 laptops in mind 1) asus gl503ge with 8th gen i7 ,16 gb ram, 1050ti, 120hz screen… And 2) asus gl502vm with 7th gen i7, 16gb ram 1060, 60hz screen with gsync and thunderbolt 3 port. Which one would you suggest. I thought of msi gp63-8re but msi's services are not good in India. Please help me select a descent laptop. Also i have a dell Inspiron 7577.

  3. Carthage

    do we know what razer is up to? im trying to get one of these computers very soon but I was hoping that razer would have something to show for the new tech by now. Thoughts?

  4. Gabsy5

    Can anyone confirm whats the max safety temps for this cpus 8750H? I just bought an MSI GP63 Leopard 8RE , under load it goes over 90 C with cooler boost 5 activated, i`m worried a little bit.

  5. GSMillion

    At this point how much faster do they need to get?😂

  6. Koorosh Kianfar

    hahahaha I did not buy laptop because of this yoohoo I wait for years and save money to buy a best of the best and believe me buy a MSI laptop just MSI

  7. Phil Jagers

    Can you do a comparison of these three laptops? Thanks!

  8. Ian

    Do you think you could do a benchmark comparison between the three? I'm currently looking for a new laptop and I've narrowed it down to those three. Thanks

  9. heyy…..can u please do a video comparing MSI GS 65 8RF , Asus Zephyrus GM501 , Gigabyte Aero 15x and the new Razer Blade15. All of them are quite similar…but there's got to be a winner. 🙂

  10. ricardo55498

    I remember that there's a laptop with ryzen 7, how does it compares to them??

  11. Joshua Lee

    Dave, would you mind doing a review for the MSI GL63-8RD?

  12. Tor Down

    I just got ad for netflix and I skipped wtf?

  13. Mononoke

    Is the Aero 15X or the ROG Zephyrus Gm501 Better?

  14. Mooria Devil

    Do u have a comperison video for testing temps on diffrent game laptops with the same spec?

  15. evilmittens

    Does the 8750H have windows 7 support? Win10 is so difficult to use.

  16. TheTeknus

    Waited for Asus tuf 504ge with 8th gen processor, feels so good

  17. Miigeel Arevalo

    deberias tener subtitulos en español asi tendrias mas audiencia saludos

  18. 0yanami

    there's a ryzen r7 1700x laptop, from asus, and it has a full desktop 8 core ryzen in it, thoses laptops are not really the first with a 4+ core cpu

  19. I have a doubt… Pls help… Does the proccessor affect the speed of opening of apps?

  20. Ubacow

    Why did the algo recommend this to me lol, this is 3+ years old, I wanna know what's been poppin at the CES 2022 🎮

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