They Call it the Tadpole…

Introducing Tadpole, a tiny webcam by @opalcamera.
Thanks to Opal for partnering on this video.
it’s the first webcam designed exclusively for laptops. It’s available now at


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  1. KK Jones

    I thought products came here to get NAKED my boi

  2. brandon

    God, the noise of these videos is so annoying

  3. Minchkin

    NOOOOO. Please no this style of video is an absolute no

  4. meme GOD

    Lenovo users have a so called "privacy shield" a.k.a a small piece of plastic in front of the webcam FROM THE FACTORY SINCE 2016 but Apple? Apple does not care about your privacy 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🐼

  5. No Signal

    Relaxing end much? 😂 so sad everyone rips off each other

  6. codedxxx

    Lew’s releasing videos for weirdos again. 😫

  7. Laurah Neal

    Even with the current dip in the financial Market am still glad i can smile back at my portfolio of $400,000 built from my months and weekly trade

  8. BØNEZ

    That USB port won't last long like that

  9. Rexy

    Me who just played baldur's gate 3 had something completely different in my mind

  10. ali c

    anyone know the razor/knife he uses

  11. DubbleCupp

    Whoever edits the shorts corny asl and should be fired.

  12. Osku

    So UnboxTherapy is just TheRelaxingEnd now? I'll take it but, feels a bit weird.

  13. Davey

    The picture quality was awesome…

  14. J L

    How to properly mess up your usb connections

  15. unbox what the hell ASMR is absolute garbage will be unsubscribed soon if this keeps up

  16. WackTech

    Oh wow. Any external webcam?? What will these innovative geniuses come with next? Maybe a floppy drive? Or perhaps they could make a mouse that uses light instead of a ball.

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