Think You Don’t Need Accurate Colours for Playing Games? You're DEAD WRONG – Here's Proof.

We demonstrate why accurate colours are important for faithfully reproducing the creator’s intent when playing games, and due to how the [Game Mode] on Panasonic OLED TVs has been designed, you can enjoy low input lag & accurate colours simultaneously without needing to adjust many picture settings.

The “Includes Paid Promotion” message in this video refers to the sponsorship by Panasonic. To find out more about Panasonic gaming OLED TVs with class-leading out-of-the-box colour accuracy, please visit:

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  1. Oziis

    I live in "the states". Panasonic is tough to get. Lol

  2. Chaitanya Sai

    Casually owning all these “color accuracy is not important in gaming” trolls with a video.

  3. M3TA4 Official

    Are you gonna release a best settings video for the C2 with xbox series x vincent? Just got one and would like to use your settings 🙏🏻


    I never used any sort of warm color temp until I started watching this channel, now I'd never go back. Like others have said once you get used to warmer colors the cool setting just looks too blue and harsh.

  5. John M

    Ummm… Nobody needs accurate colors for anything other than content creation. Although it's certainly nice and makes the content more enjoyable.

  6. Aidan Bishop

    These Panasonic videos always make me mourn the loss of Panasonic TV's in the U.S. Market.

  7. pierosho

    Very, very big Horizon FW spoiler at 2.20. BE AWARE! Come on Vincent…

  8. Steven Jam

    Anyone got a LG C1 and find the image quality blurry and alot of texture noise on game optimizer mode? On series x and ps5 both seem meh compared to my 1080p tv especially on the new Cod MW2. Is the C2 any sharper or should i try out a QN90B

  9. Apollo Sungod

    MediaTek and the Android O.S. layers and all the other tv manufacturers need to get their firmware programmers in gear and just resolve the problems and issues that really destroy performance on these HDMI 2.1 HDTVs…. I am not sure how much of the blame lies with MediaTek but Panasonic may have upstaged all tv makers but it seems that it's with highly expensive OLEDs and not the much better Full Array Local Dimming tvs that at least will not get that screen burn in from OLED tech

  10. Great video on the importance of color fidelity on HDTV's for gaming.

    You know what's more important than color fidelity on HDTV's for gaming? INPUT LAG.

  11. Nice and very interesting video. But you have not proved anything really. The reality is the same, you don't need color fidelity for gaming.
    Only you care that someone's skin tone is a bit off. No one pays such attention to such details as most gamers are too busy being immersed in the game.

  12. Joey L.

    Don't have any plans to replace my CX yet, but I hope Panasonic keeps up the good work because I'm leaning more and more towards them for next display.

  13. CelahiR

    I enjoyed your self awareness about not being as handsome as Henry Cavill. Well, his face is as close to perfect as it can come so there are few who are xD

  14. Andre

    gaming isnt real life… no need for drab real life colours. Just boost that shit up to enhance the artifical look of the game for more eye candy impact. I know 99 percent agrees with me. Sorry Vincent

  15. Robert Vincze

    Are you going to do a video for the best HDR Settings for God of War Ragnarök?

  16. Been gaming on warm 50 for last few years and would never go back. Accuracy gives the best natural and balanced look to any content. Certain games that have eerie atmospheres can be completely ruined by an overly blue and contrasty look particularly I find.

  17. Mirco

    Can you please do a hdr settings video for GoW Ragnarok on ps5? 😀

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