This 2021 Xiaomi Phone Still Makes Sense!

Xiaomi has launched a lot of great phones in the past few years… BUT there’s one Xiaomi phone from 2021 that still makes sense.

This is a phone that launched at 25K but is now available at 22K, and it comes with specs like Snapdragon 778G, 90Hz AMOLED, slim and light design, and we compare it to other Xiaomi phones like Redmi Note 12 Pro, Moto Edge 30, and iQOO Z6 Pro.

0:00 A Few Hints
0:35 Doubts Around Older Phones?
1:19 Two Big Reasons!
3:38 Any Cutdowns?
4:42 Inflation vs Innovation


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  1. Beebom

    Hey guys! Which other older phone do you think still makes sense in 2023? πŸ˜‡

  2. Suyash Dahale

    i using this phone its good miui expirence is best in this phone.

    though i like custom rom so i have flashed lineage os in it πŸ˜ƒ

  3. gokul

    You know what I'm having redmi 8a a basic mobile back on 2021 i bought it , which has covered 2 Android update and 2 redmi os update also has decent enough camera for a ordinary person

  4. Swaroop Dewal

    Xiomi device stop making sense 1 years back. They are pRoviding updates which brick phone . I know many cases from my friends.
    Xiomi is on decline , they will be dead soon mark my words.
    Under20-25 motorola. Samsung. Above 25-30 pixel. Just simple.
    Moto is bad with updates but update it gives is so stable. Samsung is better in updates.

  5. Utpal Sen

    I am a proud owner of Xiaomi 11lite NE 5g, purchased on the 1st sale. No complaints no regrets

  6. Arnav Saxena

    So, as I'm writing this on my 11 lite ne
    All I can say is, I love this phone but, I cannot recommend it to anyone, the bugs I face, and the heating issues but also the charging and discharging makes the experience a lot more sad.
    So I've ordered pixel 6a, Since I can work with slow charging as long as my phone lasts a day, and if I can have the best camera this price segment has to offer, what can I say?

  7. Sam 27

    is this phone has black crush issu??

  8. Himanshu Sengar

    At 21k …… redmi note 12 pro makes more sense then 11 lite 5g if you ask me.

  9. Mack

    There was a time when we were not satisfied even with such great smartphone, we need better products in the sub 30k price segment. Now even the 40-50 thousand smartphones are disappointing. We have to praise the 2-3 year old processor. Because the processors of the smartphones coming in this segment recently are not as strong as they should have been. Even 2 year old processors are more powerful than these. πŸ“‰

  10. NJ

    Using ne 5g from about a year now

  11. Ankur Apu

    Try Realme Gt master edition. This is best phone with snapdragon 778g

  12. Alex Regi

    As a 11 LE user from past 1 year,keep one thing in mind.this phone have good display specs but it's having tianma display which have severe black crush issue,90% users in our Lisa community are facing this.

  13. Using the Samsung M52 5G, absolutely flawless, huge battery, great display, wonderful Samsung updates and One UI, Good 5 G support, Decent Camera but again the same 778 chip and gcam helps. Just can't complain about anything 1.5 years down the line, and can't even find a new phone to recommend with this many ease of use features.

  14. Jonas

    Just get the Moto Edge 30 instead

  15. Sunny Shekade

    I'm using Xiaomi 11 lite ne 5g since 1.5 years and still there is no issue no lag and because of the form factor it always feel comfortable and 10 bit display is the best and camera is the awesome Part which give competition to many flagship mobile

  16. pavan mahajan

    Watching this video on my lightweight 11 Lite NE and I purchased it under 11K with exchange offer 7 months back and not regretting it a bit!


    I have this device.. just fall in love with this device ❀️❀️ Beast in camera at this price


    Beebom make a great video about this that they are considering old phones also which make sense…and make easy for the people to buy good phone at reasonable price….loved it❣️

  19. Anikesh Sinha

    The only issue with this device was black crush, which made the device sometimes unusable

  20. Rajat Sen

    Don't buy Xiaomi or Poco phones.
    Thousands of Poco X3 users are reporting issues with camera, sim card and speaker not working just after it goes out of warranty. And Xiaomi service is pathetic. They are not responding at all. Boycott Xiaomi.

  21. Dude I also own this phone and using this as the only primary device since oct 2021 and I'm happy with it's features, light weight, performance, and what not but the major downgrade of this phone is not its battery or charging speed but it is "black crust" problem of it's screen. And i don't understand why youtubers don't like to speak about it in any video regarding this phone. You will hardly find any video by good creators like you yourself.
    By the way cheers for making this video. 🍻

  22. pravin murthy

    This is my 2nd phone & I love it.. I bought it for 20K.. In last sale, I bought the 8GB version for 20K in sale for my uncle too πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

  23. NeedToKnow

    I bought this phone and I don't regret my decision at all. This is perfect for day to day task.

  24. Nilanjan Acharya

    I've been using this phone for 11 months now and I've gotta say, this is a good value for money device. I purchased this phone at 28k from Xiaomi outlet. A few software bugs here and there but this phone works like a charm, especially the 90hz refresh rate. Performance is very good and I haven't faced any lag up till now. I also keep getting 5g connection in some parts of Mumbai wherever the network service providers have installed a 5g tower. The main camera takes good quality photos during daytime. At night time the photos don't come out that great. Overall it's a very good phone with minimum to no hiccups.
    Can recommend this to anyone who's looking for a phone offering smooth usage at a price range between 23k to 28k.

  25. dahaka prince

    Thappad Se Darr Nahin Lagta Saahab MIUI Update se lagta hai . My sis is using this phone for more than a year great device never updated it still on MIUI 12 stock update . XD

  26. Alok Tripathi

    I had bought it for my mom, because it's light and slim, looks gorgeous too so was perfect choice for mom. It's a really good phone. Screen colors are better than even my OnePlus Nord. It never stutters, ui is smooth af.


    Using since November 21
    1. Camera specially 5mp tele macro camera
    2. performance
    3. design and build quality

    1. N28 band missing
    2. Battery and charging
    3. Screen black crush issue
    4. 3.5mm jack

  28. Suraaj Vashisht

    Knew which phone in 5 secs as I'm holding the same phone. I bought it last year when it's original price was 24k with a exchange off of 10k from my 3 year old redmi note 7 pro, it costed me 14k in the end. Insane value for me. Currently running Android 13 AOSPA custom rom with Google photos unlimited backup at original quality.
    Although my smartphone use is just reading, some social media browsing and media consumption, 778G's performance is top notch and I expect it to emulate Switch games like The Witcher 3 smoothly soon using the being developed Skyline emulator

  29. Deepak

    And mi 10T
    They r blockbuster phones if u get them at discounted prices

  30. Shubham Bhanot

    hint kya dega to le answer mera phoneeeeeeeeee….. thumbnail dekh ke ayaa

  31. Abhishek Pandey

    I own Realme X7 Max 5g and it still makes so much sense even in 2023. 8Gb Ram 128 gigs of storage and dimensity 1200 is an absolute beast. I'm not a gamer but i have tried gaming and phone performed really good. Stereo speakers and Amoled FHD panel this phone is still definitely making so much sense in 2023. I would however be real and say that the cameras aren't the best thing on this but they're definitely not bad.

  32. Display panel is not good. How can beebom promote this phone. You will notice grey mosaic while watching dark sceneries

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