This $35 Desk Gadget Can Do ALMOST Anything…

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My latest desk gadget is a super useful macropad that is easy on the budget. This is the XP Pen AC19 Shortcut Remote.

Links to my Gear: (these links support WorkFromHype. Thank you.)

XP Pen AC19:
(also available directly from XP Pen for $35 instead of $39 on Amazon)

Desk Gear
My Main Desk:
LG OLED Monitor:
VIVO Underdesk PC Mount
Samsung 24’ Monitors
Kanto YU6 Speakers:
Speaker Wall Mounts:
Keychron Keyboard:
My Mouse:
Samsung Ultrawide Monitor
49inch Monitor Compatible Monitor Arm
Speaker Stands:
Lights Behind my Monitor

Aputure Amaran 60D:
Rectangle Softbox:
Overhead Light Mount:
Wall Mount for Lights:

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  1. Your videos, information, and content is so well done and incredible quality. Please please please keep up the great work.

  2. @Zaxoosh

    I love all these Macropad reviews! Keep it up please!

  3. @bigrob029

    i mean…. this is certainly my favorite macropad channel.

  4. @mynameissir

    Oh no, more macro pad addiction. Don't get me going again.

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