This Amazing Flashlight Could Save Your Life – Nitecore P20iX

Nitecore P20iX
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*** Warning, this video has strobing lights and my cause an epileptic response ***

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  1. awesomeOrlie

    To activate 4k lumens flashlight has to be on, then hold down the mode switch… me

  2. Hamed Roshan

    Hello… I have been following you for a long time and I did not know that you also review these types of products… Can you please review the following two samples as well?
    Nitecore TINI 2‌ 500 Lumen
    Nitecore Tip SE Black 700 Lumen

  3. Adam Weyland

    Hey hey yoh…floss n whiteshoe hope u all doin fine…. sorry ain't got the time to check out all ur review floss… Been bz for the past month…i aint know that u are into lights floss…. Btw for ur info that is one powerful thor of Asgard hell i dare to say one powerful torchlight floss…enjoy it….hahahah

  4. that ruckus guy

    I use nitecore ec30 flashlight myself, best flashlight i ever owned super bright

  5. Veedo Capone

    I was scrolling and I swear it said Fleshlight. Damn 60hz screen. —exits the room

  6. Jovan Stepic

    Well, It's worth buying this just so I could organize my flash your eyeballs party! I'm not kidding! Thanks Floss

  7. Assordante

    The MH12S by nitecore is the one that I use and it's an awesome light, and it's 30 bucks cheaper.

  8. A R T U R

    Dude cats r super sensitive to light I think it's why they can seee in the dark better than us so the flashlight in her eye dude why bro she probably fine I hope I trust u know what u doing

  9. jmen8888

    Battery junction is a great place to buy good flashlights.

  10. John..

    Yeah, it's great for self defence, (obviously),,
    But in the hands of a scumbag, this becomes an offensive weapon too… First thing you see is a blinding flashing light, the second thing you see is waking up in the hospital,,, !!!,, (if you're lucky? )..
    So, that's something to be aware of,,,
    Great video btw… 👍

  11. Martin Zanev

    I own that flashlight from 2 monts and i love it :):):):):)

  12. daiashthomas

    Nitecore torches are the balls.

    I've got a first gen TM26 still running now it's got to be 10yrs old, still on the original Nitecore 18650 batteries it came with.

  13. dohpredator

    Floss you need to take the back off the flashlight and remove the paper off the battery

  14. Abdul Hamza

    White shoes was definitely dazed for 5 sec 🤣🤣

  15. Mikeal Taylor

    Floss continues to blind himself throughout this in the name of content🤣🤣🤣 give him a like 🤣

  16. Joe Archibald

    Bro. Please… We need top 10 phones, earbuds and maybe top 5 tablets and laptops. Please brotha.

  17. B M

    I like when Floss takes a product outside for further testing.

  18. Lucky Seven

    🤣I thought you was gonna demonstrate breaking a car window😝

  19. Janet Brown

    Already have that flashlight bothered about a month ago it's nice.

  20. Chris Dalby

    I would like to see the Lumen count measured as to me its about 1200K Lumens tops. I have a 12V 6000 Lumen Flashlight that cost over £300 and its easily 4 times the brightness of this.

    As always Floss, great video.

  21. Julien Pi

    Is it 2 in 1? Does it transform into a lightsaber?⚡️💪🏻👍🏻

  22. free JONES

    First you get me to buy the tribit on sale for 160 😉u should mention it needs a strap👀 heavy as hell, sounds good tho then make a video of a star destroyer for 800 bucks (that bowling ball Bluetooth speaker) now it's like you no I'm a sucker for flashlights wtf bro! I need white shoes to start takin {man don't follow this fool} meow 🤣

  23. C4commando

    Welcome to the flashlight world brother do more of these. Try Surefire next.

  24. Mary Madigan

    What a dope video the light in it is fantastic you could even see the dent on the second car that was parked 😂 dope man dope 🇮🇪😎👏

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