This AMD Gaming Laptop is an INSANE Value

Getting the best value out of a gaming laptop isn’t easy but a lot of people end up looking towards AMD laptops and that’s where …


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  1. Quoc Viet Huynh

    It's really impressive that Region 7 slim with 6800S can perform that good with just 90W.

  2. Frostgodx

    made out of complete plastic, seriously dog shit screen, absolutely terrible battery life, omen software crashed all the time, this is just a paid ad to get them out the door. The components on all these are always top tier or the best of the segment but my god is the build terrible. I tried with 3 different models before giving up and moving on.

  3. Spaceman Stu

    Had 2 omens that broke within a month. Got refund and bought an Asus

  4. MP S

    Came here, heard HP in the first 5 seconds, bounced…

  5. Abdul Muqtadir

    Hate how all these Canadian YouTubers won't at least put up the Canadian price of the product as well…

  6. Robert Fajfr

    HP Omen is probably the worst HW I’ve bought in years. Constant audio crackling issues, no Windows 11 drivers support with some core ones two years out of date. Window crashes, trackpad issues, keys stop working so needs full keyboard replacement. Squeezing hinges. 2 years old machine. Will never buy again. And no it’s not single machine issue… check online.

  7. tim wilson

    the new amd 7000 mobile will be available in feb

  8. art

    I got an Omen 17 with GTX 1080. This laptop has been nothing but a nightmare. Mechanical keyboard failed twice. First time covered under warranty, second time they wanted to charge me $750 shipping included. Running super hot during games and constantly thermal throtling. Stay away from HP products.

  9. Volodymyr

    I have a similar model, same CPU, chassis and I/O, but with an Nvidia 3060 GPU.
    I have encountered one problem with it, which was rather strange. The network card can "unplug" itself if you set the laptop too hard on a table, or aren't careful when carrying it in a bag
    By putting the laptop hard on a table I don't mean to drop it, I put one side on a table and the other slipped out of my hand and the laptop dropped like 2 centimetres, and that was enough to disconnect the network card.
    To fix the issue, simply press on connectors and it will start working again, otherwise you won't have the internet and Bluetooth. Happened to me twice already in the last four months or so.

    It's good that they give an option to change the network card with this iteration, since it was soldered with the previous model.

  10. Ayush Anand

    man indian government sucks every laptops so expensive here in comparision to the american counterpart. just keep paying taxes and duties like a dog and government will feed poor beggers and farmers for votes

  11. Mahesh M

    Sry i aint getting hp bcoz my display has worst reliability eventhough replaced under warranty so im going asus/lenovo

  12. Joel Conolly

    Unfortunately the 2023 models still features the same design as the past few years. Wished they redesigned it a tad more. Maybe in H2 if they suddenly decided to feel generous.

  13. ofcossolomon

    Why would anyone mess up the TKL layout by swapping Pause and Delete?

  14. Teddy M

    Zero point buying a laptop now, especially with 6650M graphics. We are too close to the new releases.

  15. Eddie C

    I like what they did with the ports. It’s makes more sense to me than the Legion. Power HDMI and USBC in the back for dongles. I would like to see Ethernet in the back as well. All I want on the sides are USBA and 3.5mm. I also like how they manages to squeeze the ports on the side in behind the vents so the wires are right up against your hands.

  16. ZeroGhostVR

    For $400 more you can get the ASUS ROG SCAR 15, with i9 12th gen, RTX 3070TI, 16GB DDR5, 240Hz 1440p display

  17. Skii

    I see people calling out the g15 advantage

  18. Kent Solid

    Do you mean Windows 11 actually reduce battery life a lot?
    For me Win 11 issue is more related to stability, keeps getting DPC watchdog violation for no clear reason

  19. un_ours_blanc

    It looks great, but is the Bios unlocked ? It's the worst thing with HP Laptops

  20. Blazing Guy

    Man this laptop is not even reviewed by anyone
    I searched a lot🥴
    Thanks for covering

  21. Da Fuq

    Why not pair a R5 6600H with a RX 6650M? Gamers don't need powerful CPUs anyway.

  22. StormRider

    I think it’s not good enough for the price. Just good specs packed in a cheap chassis from a laptop that costs 700 bucks.

  23. Carlos Alvarez

    Man I got a HP Omen 16 with a 12700H and 3070 for $1500, and for that money I saw a Gigabite AERO 4k display, 12700h CPU and a 3070 Ti on Amazon. So this have to be way cheaper to really be consider hehe.

  24. The Jagged Age

    How do you game with that display wobble?? Its a recipe for.perpetual migraines.

  25. Franklin scott

    I'm no longer waiting for the GRANT LOAN because I acquire $29,600 every 10 days recently

  26. dllemm

    0:45 The price went up at Best Buy US $280 in the past 24 hours.
    Too many views from Hardware Canucks? 🙂

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