This Cheap Electric Skateboard Is AWESOME!

Exway – A Boosted Board knockoff that doesn’t suck. Finally!
The Original –

More info –

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  1. Dave2D

    I've used a LOT of electric skateboards and I think this is THE best one on the market for the price =)
    Thanks for watching my off-beat vids 2d fam!

  2. Paul Je

    They actually are the worst.

    They don’t provide customer service (told me they can’t do anything about me not even being able to use it. It stopped working after 3 weeks).

    It took 4 months to get to me.

    6 month warranty basically is a scam.

    Board broke in a few weeks and got water damage even though it’s ip55?

    Almost got injured because they told me that it’d be easy to repair myself with the new part. Little did I know I nearly got shocked as the electricity reacted hard.

    They don’t care about their customers at all. The board is heavy, disconnects from the Bluetooth remote, and doesn’t even last a long time. It is a crap board and their service absolutely sucks.

    I am so unhappy with their service that I feel this is necessary to say. Nobody deserves to go through what I did and I’m gonna let it be known that everybody gotta go buy the boosted board.

    $750 USD? Cmon it’s a steal.

    Their new line puts exway to shame. Don’t even think about them, you will thank me later.

  3. Spiritwing7

    For a second there I almost thought that you were actually going to talk about a good cheaper alternative. Instead it’s another promotion for another expensive board. I can’t help but wonder if it was given to you for free for review. You can’t beat the $400 Meepo boards, a real cheaper alternative with good quality.

  4. Apex Capital

    Meepo board or Wowgo board are the only 2 Chinese brands that matter in the electric skateboard game. Both can be had for under $500.

  5. Hi. Have you have any problems with the wheels falling apart? (As described by FabTRAV in his YouTube channel). Basically (according to him), they start to break after a few kilometers due to the sharp edges of the wheels. Thanks a lot for your reply

  6. Mkz

    Copy boosted board? How when boosted board copied the orange wheels from another company xD

  7. Blu

    "Cheap" amazon price is 1500

  8. FunkyFilip

    The customer service for boosted mustve went to garbage now because i ordered the mini x and they still cant explain to me why im still waiting

  9. James Do

    Can you do more electric skateboard reviews?

  10. Domi nik

    this "Transportation device" is actually illegal in germany…

  11. Brody Lando

    You should ask them to get you a custom one white and blue lol that would be dope. Get super dirty fast but it would be nice.

  12. Randy Vicknair

    Knock offs are just copies of really nice words re-designed with crappy parts I am belong in the garbage

  13. Nyxy

    This is not cheap at all sir

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