This is it! MSI Laptops 2023!

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MSI Prestige 13 Evo
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MSI Summit E16 Flip
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Meet the new MSI Summit E16 Flip and MSI Prestige 13 Evo laptops. These look ultra sleek and pack high-performance hardware designed to help you game and travel light. Let me show you what these laptops are all about and why they are perfect for professionals, gamers, and content creators.

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  1. David Espinal

    I’m new to gaming pc more like a month new to it since I bought a steam deck. now I’m looking into actual gaming pc/ gaming laptop 💻 so if I had this I would definitely learn to game on it and get some music video editing done on it since I’ve been on Apple for 10 years now and a fan of the channel since technobuffulo jaja @davidespinalts on all platforms

  2. Kevin Kituli

    Just graduated amd really need a cool laptop. I'm actually saving for a G14. Love the review man

  3. sacgeekgirl

    Those privacy features are pretty nice
    I don't see those needing to be strictly hardware confined to these laptops..I'm sure someone else will copy this in software soon. Very smart tho

  4. Kafui. xx

    I'm a 17-year-old aspiring content creator who's passionate about making videos. I'm currently using a beat-up i3 HP laptop that can't keep up with any workload. A new MSI laptop would be an absolute game-changer for me @kafitan_

  5. Master C

    I've being using MSI Creator 16 for 3 years and I want a refesh

  6. Jh Hagios

    I will use it in a combination of working at my regular work and personal business. Awesome that security features for the ppl who like to she what you are doing at work 😂 🤣 🤣. Nice price too

  7. dman7895

    appreciate it!! I actually have a couple MSI gaming laptops including a i7 12th gen one that I use as my daily driver and have been very pleased! I would honestly love another with the new rtx 4000 series!! @jonathanrmedina

  8. Kimmys

    It's impossible not to smile when I see your new video. Thank you for spreading happiness! 😛

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