This Is the OnePlus 6… I Think.

An early look at what I think is the OnePlus 6. Super excited for this phone but I hope it remains well priced!
Phone Skins –

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Fili – H2O

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  1. Dave2D

    Been messing around with blender. That thing is confusing AF. Hope you guys enjoyed the video! Thanks for watching =)

  2. maxroman2010

    Right… what a pile of rubbish… "they didn't like that everyone was saying they copied iPhone in terms of the design.. so this time they are going to copy Samsung!" (hint: GS9) 😀 OMG… funny.. funny reviewer

  3. Noah -

    The OnePlus 6 will be launched on the 16th of may! The tickets for the event are already sold out. There of course will be a livestream! Excited!

  4. Lea Robinson

    I only started watching your channel a few months ago but I love what you do and find your content really helpful informative and entertaining. Please don't start making these type of videos where you predict what devices will look like and make up specs, it is incredibly click baity and lowers the standard of your otherwise excellent channel. you're great at showing us the facts and giving us your opinion on equipment that you have physically used.

  5. Yujin Hikita

    Please don’t let this be i hate that notch it’s so ugly

  6. Jacob Abrams

    What happened to the rumors of the fingerprint sensor being embedded into the display?

  7. Bishal Kalita

    In India and in most of the other countries,pricing is a key reason why people are obsessed with one plus(flagship-killer)
    With a new design and rising above that $500 price range, things are about to get interesting. They are expected to have built something extra-ordinary 🙂

  8. Ricy

    you got it.
    Ugly as hell.

  9. Ash

    dave lee nailed it.

  10. fluffysthought

    And then I watched the video after launch and almost everything is correct. Ayy!

  11. Imma put this out there: The OnePlus 2 is my favorite phone in aesthetics

  12. Half_Finis

    "the blacks will be quite black because its an oled panel"

    No, they will be literally turned off. It's not "quite black" its off.

  13. Junshi

    Well whaddaya know. You were 100% right!

  14. Clocked

    This design is confirmed now! Nice prediction man!

  15. Arfir98

    Hey, check my video regarding the bezels of this phone…

  16. chaitanya kiran

    Pls test the data transfer speeds for file transfer from pc to phone (or) phone to pc using given stock cable and usb 3.1cable
    Thank u

  17. Kiwis

    Came back to this video after the OnePlus 6 was actually launched, and you litteraly nailed everything. Impressive

  18. Andrew Jin

    Wait how do u get ur wallpapers, they are SOOOOOO good

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