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This Laptop Feels Really Good

Dave2D review of the HP Spectre x360 13. The best 2-in-1 laptop from HP for student and people on the go.
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HP worked hard and stepped their game up on the lastest Spectre x360. Tablet, Stand, Tent & Laptop modes are all solid and perform well. 8th gen Intel CPU with HD620 GPU deliver

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  1. Dave2D

    I have yet to find the perfect convertible laptop, the spectre x360 comes pretty close. Thanks for watching!

  2. Roj

    You feel good with HP laptops I think.

  3. Ameen Bel

    dave ! , how the hell did u run intel XTU in a U processor !! tell us how

  4. zaki rahimi

    hey make a review of HP ENVY 13 2019 model 10th Gen

  5. Viktor

    yeah HP feels good , looks good but ultimately its shit. Either it will break down after a few months or the never ending whining fans will simply drive you insane.

  6. Amir Ali

    Just bought this laptop for £800 and it is really good. Thanks 🙂 I am a programmer btw 😉

  7. Mischiefox

    Will you review the late 2019 version of the Spectre x360?

  8. Tbage

    If you're looking to buy the Ryzen 7 3700U model with 16gb ram, I've got it. Its fast, its cool, its quiet and its an amazing choice. CPU usage does spike due to McAfee security for some reason, and battery life is about 4 hours out of the box running full brightness while watching 1080p video. However, dont let that turn you away, if you lower the brightness by about 20%, (which is still bright enough for me) and the performance mode isnt maximum, the battery life extends to about 9 hours doing average tasks. Video playback will always shorten this value, but i dont think you'll be watching anything longer than 3 hours without giving it a charge.

    I havent tested this battery on streaming apps like netflix.

  9. Laura Campoy

    Writing this comment on it and it's amazing. The Bang & Olufsen's sound, the trackpad, the screen… I will recommend it to everyone!

  10. IQ

    so as i c the battery is replaceable right??

  11. dotails

    I have the latest model of this but I only use it as a laptop and only buy 2 in one for the build quality. I don't want to worry about moving the screen back too far. It 's like flexible phones eventually being preferred not for the ability to fold but for the durability that has to be engineered for a flex to be possible mainstream. Although on that front they have a ways to go. Also on the Spectre 360 the registry settings are terrible and have to be changed before gaming, plus the speakers are the worst I've heard.

  12. I would ask you about hp envy. What kind of programs can I use on it . Can I play strong cames and engineering programs

  13. +Dave Lee I would suggest you to always check HP laptops for "Coil Whine", Rubbers fell itself in a very short time period, I have this laptop as a second laptop, I bought this one more than a year ago and in one month both rubbers fell itself. I use laptops very gently because I like tech and I hate it when I scratch it or anything, but I think it has so bad thermal it is always hot and the glue has so bad quality it just fell itself. it has problems with type-c screens like if type-c is connected it never turns on ( I had the same problem with several HP Envys), and if you shut down laptop screens still think laptop is on and they keep backlighting on forever. while the same screens work on any other laptops fine and auto sleep when laptops go to sleep or off.

  14. Akky

    Can u please do a review on the 2020 ENVY x360

  15. Bibi Fatma

    can i have your spectre x360 if you are not using it ?

  16. Ganesh

    How about CES events? Can you do that for me 😏 and thx for your work. Much appreciated

  17. rockaxorb13


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